Curling Tongs & Hot Rollers

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  • $39.95

    Create elegant waves, glam curls or a textured look with added shine with this perfectly styled and on-trend conical wand. You'll love the 19mm - 32mm tapered barrel with a clipless barrel, for effortless curls and waves with no kinks. Plus it's packed with a luxe rose gold cosmetic pouch - the perfect gift.

  • $32.95

    Give your hair more bounce with the 25mm Ceramic Curler. This mid-sized curler puts you in control of your style so you can create a variety of curls with confidence.

  • $26.95

    For more defined curls and spiralling ringlets, choose the 19mm Ceramic Curler. This slender wand is the perfect pick for your Shirley Temple-inspired style.  

  • $20.95

    Looking for a reliable, value for money curler that adds style and volume to your hair? The 19mm Instant Heat Ceramic Curler, which comes with a handy brush attachment, is your answer.



Perfect beachy waves, easy curls and voluminous hair

Bring a touch of glamour to your everyday hair styling with our range of stylers. We have hair curlers, curling tongs, hot hair rollers, automatic curlers and crimpers to help you get the curls, waves or volume you need for your locks.

Set it and forget it! Our automatic curling tool and 2-in-1 straightening and curling tools are the perfect gifts for any mother, sister, girlfriend or woman who likes to do everything in one step. Our automatic curling tools are designed to make it easy for everyday styling at home.

Want tight, defined curls? Our 19mm ceramic curler can give you the bouncy, tousled  hair that you admire. Alternate between our 25mm and 38mm ceramic curlers to give you beachy waves or glam curls.

For classic  Hollywood curls, our hot hair rollers can give you that style. You get the option to play with different sizes in your roller set with large, medium and small sized heated rollers.

Go back in time and party like it’s 1985 with our crimpers. Add a bit of edge and attitude to a ponytail or even a section of your hair, perfect for costume parties!

Big hair, don’t care! Our hot air hair brush gives you the volume and shine that your hair has been missing. Voluminous and bouncy hair is only one tool away that gives you maximum style and is easy to use.