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If you need to race out the door looking fabulous, then you'll love the 3-in-1 styler that straightens, volumises and dries your hair in one easy movement. All you have to do is simply brush your hair.  


Meet the simplest styling tool for your busy lifestyle.


The Wet + Dry Straightening Brush will straighten, volumise and dry your hair in minutes. It can tackle the trickiest of manes, no problem. And, with its ionic conditioning technology and advanced ceramic plates, it will leave your hair looking and feeling fabulous. 

  • Dry, volumise and style in one
  • Step out with silky, shiny hair
  • Save time, look your best
Backed by 2 Years Warranty.

Wet & Dry Straigthening Brush review & demonstration by Oz Beauty Expert

Wet & Dry Straightening Brush tutorial by Oz Beauty Expert

Watch and see our Wet & Dry Straightening Brush in action with this demonstration by beauty blogger Oz Beauty Expert.

Styling tips!


a. Wash and untangle your hair carefully using a large toothed comb

• Expert’s advice – always untangle your damp hair at the tips and slowly work up your hair towards your scalp (gently untangling your hair prevents split ends from forming).

b. Towel dry or pre-dry your hair. (Your styler can be used on wet/damp hair or dry hair – for best results use your styler when hair is damp).

c. Select the Tension control that best suits your hair type

• Expert’s advice – in order to familiarize yourself with the styler, it is suggested that you use the Tension on control 1 (the weakest tension), until you’ve found the setting that best suits your hair type.

d. Work in steps

1. Clip the top layer of hair up using one or more clips and start with the hair underneath and at the nape of your neck.

2. Continue with the hair at the back of your head and then the hair on the sides.

3. Finish by using the cool setting.

• Expert’s advice – for best styling results, while maintaining tension, slowly pull the styler down along the hair section, towards the ends of the hair. It is very important to hold the hair section firmly taut when using the product (as you would do with a straightener). At the end of the hair section, release the pressure and allow the hair section to slide out. Repeat process as necessary until the desired effect is achieved. (It may be necessary to repeat this process on certain areas, depending on the texture and thickness of your hair).

These are recommendations only, practice makes perfect!


This straightening brush is the ideal styling tool for straightening and creating volume with maximum shine.

Straightening with volume

• To reduce the volume of thick or voluminous hair, place the head of the Airstyle on top of the section

of hair and slide slowly down the section to the bottom.

• To add body to fine or flat hair, place the head of the Styler underneath the section of hair; it will straighten and create volume while lifting the roots and adding body.

• Repeat if necessary and fi nish with the cool setting on the section to perfect the hold.

Creating volume at the roots

• Take up a section of hair of about 3cm wide and place the head of the styler as close as possible to the roots, under the section. Ensure that the combs go through your hair completely.

• Rotate the styler approximately 45° while sliding it toward the ends. This rotating movement will add maximum volume to your roots.

• Repeat if necessary and finish with the cool setting.

Where to buy

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Temperature range: 
800 Watts
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Straight, voluminous styles
Hair types suitable for: 
Most hair types
Ionic Conditioning Technology
Internal ionic generator which conditions hair to reduce static, leaving your hair with an enhanced shine. Smooth and shiny results in minutes
Ceramic Plate
Ceramic plated combs to ensure you can straighten your hair in minutes. Leaving it smooth and shiny
Control Settings
3 heat/speed settings including cool
800 Watts of Drying Power
Towel dry your hair and then you are good to use the straightening brush. The air helps to create a much desired voluminous finish
Tension Control System
Four straightening settings for different hair types.
Detangling comb to ensure easy styling and smooth results