Elegance Straightening Brush


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Beautifully smooth hair with natural volume. The paddle style Elegance Straightening Brush gives perfect smoothness & shine. Simply just brush & go!


The Elegance Straightening Brush combines detangling combs & ceramic straightening fins that gently grip & control for effortless straightening as you brush. Simply just brush & go! • YOUR STYLE, MADE EASY - 190°C optimal heat means you get smooth results, fast • STYLE LIKE A PRO AS YOU GO - Double action smoothing control with detangling combs & straightening fins for advanced styling control. • LOCK IN YOUR TIME TO SHINE - Even heat Ceramic Technology with smooth glide brush for a perfect finish. Locks in shine as straighten.

Backed by 2 Years Warranty.
How to style with the Elegance Straightening Brush

Start with clean & dry, thoroughly combed through hair. Apply a heat spray for extra protection & longer lasting results. Straighten your hair in sections ensuring you go over each section once to get that gorgeous, silky finish. If you are needing to go over the section more than once, creating thinner sections will help create straight hair in the first glide.
Create volume by brushing on the inner side of your hair section by making a curved movement with your wrist as you glide the straightening brush through the section of hair.
Set your style by finishing with a spritz of light hold hair spray, for extra hold if needed.

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Temperature range: 
190°C optimal heat
Heat up time: 
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Perfectly smooth, with natural volume
Hair types suitable for: 
All hair types