Venezia 2400 AC Professional Dryer


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Experience salon-grade styling and drying with the made-in-Italy Venezia AC Professional Dryer. If you've got thicker, longer hair or natural curls, this lightweight dryer is the ideal addition to your styling toolkit. 


Discover why top hairdressers love Italian hair dryers.

The Venezia AC Professional Dryer is a celebration of iconic Italian craftsmanship. Weighing only 490g, it's remarkably easy to handle – yet beneath its sleek exterior lies a powerful, long-life AC motor that delivers 1000 hours of drying time, 2400 watts of drying power and an airflow speed of up to 130km/h.

The super-lightweight, super-fast Venezia AC brings the professional styling touch into your own home. 

  • Dry and style thick or long hair in no time
  • Ionic conditioning technology™ for frizz-free results
  • Ceramic tourmaline technology™ protects your hair
  • Scrunch and dry natural curls with the diffuser
  • Use the cold shot to lock in style
Backed by 5 Years Warranty.

Independent test drive of the New VS Venezia 2400 AC Professional Hair Dryer!

Independent test drive of the New VS Venezia 2400 AC Professional Hair Dryer!

Join us on to find out great tips on how to style your hair at home. Watch all our how to videos here on you tube to get glamorous!

Beauty Heaven reviews new VS Venezia Italian hair dryer!

Beauty Heaven reviews new VS Venezia Italian hair dryer!

Watch these independent reviews by Beauty Heaven's trial team then join us on http;// to find out why top hairdressers love Italian dryers because of their powerful AC motor and durable design. This professional AC dryer is designed and made in Italy to true professional standards and it's ultra-compact, only 16.5cm in length and weighs only 490 grams. On sale now!

Style tips!

To create a smooth straight look, first divide the hair into sections.
Attach the ultra-slim concentrator nozzle. Next, using a brush, hold the hair taut and roll the ends slightly under as you dry.

To create tousled natural-looking waves position head upside down.
Using the dryer without the nozzle grasp hair at the roots and scrunch between fingertips whilst drying. When dry, arrange your hair as required for a casual, tousled look.

Use the diffuser on the lowest speed setting and lowest heat setting to enhance your natural curls: it literally diffuses and softens the airflow, which helps to form, not frizz, your curls. Cup the weight of your hair into the bowl of the diffuser and cup the hair at the edges of the diffuser with your free hand to prevent it blowing around. 

Expert tip
Let the hair cool in the desired position to set the style. Spray with a light hold hair spray, for extra hold if needed before you shape and position it with your hands.

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2400 Watts of super fast drying power
No. of heat/speed settings: 
2 heat & 2 speeds settings
Concentrator / Nozzle: 
2 x ultra slim concentrator nozzles
Volumiser / Diffuser: 
Light weight: 
Hair types suitable for: 
Suitable for all hair types
Ceramic Tourmaline
Provides even heat distribution. Assists in the deep penetration of heat and is a natural source of negative ions for reduced frizz and a silky, smooth finish with enhanced shine
Ionic Conditioning Technology
Harnesses an internal ionic generator which conditions hair to reduce static, leaving hair silky and shiny
Professional Grade AC motor
With 5x motor life delivering 1000 hours use & producing high air speeds up to 130km/hour for 25% faster drying & salon quality styling
True Professional Dryer
Designed and made in Italy
Ultra lightweight & Compact design
Only 16.5cm in length & weighting only 490 grams
Cold Shot button
To finish and set your style in place