Style 2200 Dryer


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Looking for a dryer that you can rely? The Style 2200 Dryer is your go-to. This powerful dryer to delivers fast results and it's lightweight design makes drying easy. You'll be out the door in no time. Great for dyring even the thickest of hair.


For comfortable, fuss-free everyday drying the Style 2200 Dryer is an essential tool with it's well balanced, ergonomic design. It packs a powerful punch with 2200 watts of power and will dry and style your hair quickly.

  • Control your style with 3 heat & 2 speed settings
  • Use the concentrator for a sleeker style
  • Lock in your style with the cool shot button
Backed by 2 Years Warranty.
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// Create a smooth straight look by using your dryer with the concentrator nozzle. Divide your hair into sections & hold the hair taut using a brush whilst directing the airflow down the hair shaft.

// Create tousled natural-looking waves with lots of volume by using your dryer without the nozzle. Flip your head upside down. Grasp your hair at the roots & scrunch between your fingertips whilst drying. When dry, finger comb to arrange your hair as required. Remember to keep it casual & tousled for maximum volume.

// Refresh your style by giving the roots a quick blast of hot air & finish with the cool setting for the best results.

// Set your style by finishing with the cool shot or setting. Finish with a spritz of light hold hair spray, for extra hold if needed with the cool shot setting.

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2200 Watts
No. of heat/speed settings: 
3 heat & 2 speeds settings
Concentrator / Nozzle: 
Light weight: 
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Beautiful bouncy blowdrys
Hair types suitable for: 
All hair types