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Designed and engineered in Italy, the Digital Sensor Hairdryer promises the ultimate in hair protection. It’s the intelligent digital dryer designed with Hair Protection technology for faster, healthier, styling.

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The Digital Sensor Hairdryer is crafted with Italian quality and intelligent design. The digital sensor maintains an optimal temperature of 70C, eliminating heat spots that damage the hair fibre. With an ultra-fast 208km/h, the smart digital motor automatically adjusts to an optimised airflow for a fast, salon quality finish.

The intelligence continues when the concentrator or diffuser is attached. The dryer senses the attachment and regulates temperature and airflow. Lock in your look with the Cold Shot.

• Digital Sensor: Maintains an optimized 70C
• Digital Motor: Ultra-fast, optimised airflow
• Longer Life: 20x longer motor life compared to an AC motor
• Peace of Mind: Italian designed and engineered

The intelligent digital dryer, with Hair Protection technology.

Backed by 5 Years Warranty.

How To Use the Digital Sensor Dryer | VS Sassoon

How to use the Digital Sensor Dryer

Here is a simple tutorial on how to use the Digital Sensor Dryer to create a smooth, straight blow dry and learn how to use a diffuser to enhance natural curls.

The Digital Sensor Dryer is part of the Digital Sensor Range, a new generation in hair technology with smart sensors that automatically adapt to protect against hair damage for enhanced hair health.

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How To Diffuse Hair For Frizz Free Curls

In this tutorial, we show you how to use a diffuser to enhance your beautiful natural curls. Get The Look with this easy technique to reduce frizz and define your curls.

Digital Sensor Dryer Review by Beauty Crew | VS Sassoon

Digital Sensor Dryer Review by Beauty Crew

We recently launched the most exciting and intelligent hair dryer to date and and wanted some beauty experts to try it out. In came the Beauty Crew ladies and a hand picked panel of fabulous women with all different hair types to test away. Watch our video and see what they thought of the Digital Sensor Dryer. Spoiler alert: We got all 5 star reviews!

Digital Sensor Dryer Review & Demonstration by Oz Beauty Expert | VS Sassoon

Digital Sensor Dryer Review & Demonstration by Oz Beauty Expert

Watch here as Beauty Blogger @ozbeautyexpert reviews plus demonstrates how to use the new VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hair dryer.

How To Blow Dry Hair | VS Sassoon

How to Blow Dry your hair correctly every single time!

Want to blow dry your hair like a boss? In this tutorial we show you some simple tips and tricks to achieve a voluminous blowout in the comfort of your own home. To achieve this gorgeous style, all you need is a hair dryer (we’re using our Digital Sensor Dryer for this tutorial) and a round brush. Have beautiful, voluminous curls at home without having to pay for a professional stylist.

Watch and learn ladies!


// Create a smooth straight look by using your dryer with the slim and wide 6x90mm concentrator nozzle. Divide your hair into sections & hold the hair taut using a brush whilst directing the airflow down the hair shaft.
// Use the ultra fine 4 x 75mm concentrator to direct an even stronger airflow over a more concentrated area for even greater precision styling using a round brush.
// Create tousled natural-looking waves with lots of volume by using your dryer without the nozzle. Flip your head upside down. Grasp your hair at the roots & scrunch between your fingertips whilst drying. When dry, finger comb to arrange your hair as required. Remember to keep it casual & tousled for maximum volume.
// Enhance your natural curls by using your dryer with the diffuser on the lowest speed setting & lowest heat setting: it literally diffuses and softens the airflow, which helps to form, not frizz, your curls.
// Set your style by finishing with the cool shot or setting. Finish with a spritz of light hold hair spray, for extra hold if needed.

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2100 W Waveform element
Concentrator / Nozzle: 
2 x concentrator nozzles
Volumiser / Diffuser: 
Light weight: 
EC Digital Motor
Use of magnets and electronics provide up to 10 000 hrs motor life vs 500 hours for a standard AC motor hair dryer.
Digital Sensor
Makes it possible to attain a uniform and constant temperature of 70°C on the hair surface during drying, without hot spots that damage the hair fibre.
High Ionic Technology
Superior ionic technology actively eliminates static and tames frizz.
Hair Protect Technology
Constant 70°C temperature and optimised airflow delivers optimal hair protection for all hair types.
Easy Control
• 2 modes: Low or High Speed settings. • True cold shot • Optimal 70°C temperature
Italian Made
Italian made and engineered. Backed by a 5 year warranty.
Professional Styling Attachments
130mm Professional Diffuser for volume and natural curls 4mm x 75mm Super Fine concentrator for professional styling 6mm x 90mm Fine & Wide concentrator for professional straightening