5Q Brilliance High Performance Dryer


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Experience the new premium salon quality standard in hair dryers with the dryer that proves not all hot air is the same. With super Anti-Frizz Technology & a smart digital motor for healthy hair with radiant shine.


The 5Q Brilliance High Performance Hairdryer features a breakthrough EC Digital Motor technology to dry smarter with high velocity airflow, up to 150km/h that's up to 70% faster for better long term hair protection. With new advanced super anti-frizz technology that delivers 50% more frizz controlling active ions to eliminate static, smooth hair & give an ultimate shine boost as you dry for a salon blow dry at home. Now you can dry smarter with the 5Q Brilliance High Performance Hairdryer.

  • Super Anti-Frizz Technology for ultra smooth frizz-free results
  • Ultra-fast drying - 70% faster - best for long term hair protection
  • Powered by smart digital motor technology
  • 10x longer motor life
Backed by 5 Years Warranty.

How to Dry Short Hair without Frizz | VS Sassoon

How to Dry Short Hair without Frizz

In this tutorial, Rob Reeves shows you how to create a volume dry on short hair using the Brilliance 5Q High Performance Dryer to reduce frizz for a radiant finish.


// Create a smooth straight look by using your dryer with the ultra-slim concentrator nozzle. Divide your hair into sections & hold the hair taut using a brush whilst directing the airflow down the hair shaft.
// Create tousled natural-looking waves with lots of volume by using your dryer without the nozzle. Flip your head upside down. Grasp your hair at the roots & scrunch between your fingertips whilst drying. When dry, finger comb to arrange your hair as required. Remember to keep it casual & tousled for maximum volume.
// Enhance your natural curls by using your dryer with the diffuser on the lowest speed setting & lowest heat setting: it literally diffuses & softens the airflow, which helps to form, not frizz, your curls.
// Set your style by finishing with the cold shot or setting. Finish with a spritz of light hold hair spray, for extra hold if needed.

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2200 Watts
No. of heat/speed settings: 
3 heat & 2 speeds settings
Concentrator / Nozzle: 
Volumiser / Diffuser: 
Light weight: 
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Beautiful bouncy blowdrys
Hair types suitable for: 
All hair types
Powered by EC Digital Motor
New generation motor uses magnets & electronics to drive the motor to deliver high velocity airflow, up to 150km/h & heavy-duty long life performance (up to 5,000hrs vs. 500hrs for a standard AC motor dryer) for 10x^ longer motor life.
New Advanced Super Anti-Frizz Technology
Superior Ionic Conditioning System delivers 50% more~ frizz controlling active ions to eliminate static & dramatically reduce frizz. Active ions surround the hair to smooth hair & give an ultimate shine boost as you dry.
Ceramic Technology
Ceramic Technology generates full spectrum, infra-red heat which works to help minimise heat damage with fewer hot spots than a standard dryer for better long-term protection of your hair.
Controlled Styling
6 speed & heat combinations (2 speed & 3 heat) plus lockable constant true cold setting to finish & set your style.
Lightweight & Evenly Balanced:
Easy comfortable drying with lightweight design. 15% lighter weight^ for easier handling - only 508g.
Noise Reduced
Specially designed Quietone air intake system for up to 40% less noise** for total styling comfort & control.
Ultra-fast drying
2200watts. Up to 70%* faster controlled airflow to reduce drying time, even when used on a lower temperature to minimise heat damage. By using the 5Q over time, hair will be left feeling smoother, more radiant & healthier than ever. Ideal for drying fine, thick & coarser hair types. ~Compared to VSP3QA *Compared to standard DC motor dryers ^Compared to standard AC motor dryers **Compared to 5Q dryer without noise reduction technology