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10 September 2019

What To Do on a Bad Hair Day?

There are days you wake up with that Victoria’s Secret, naturally unkempt, bedhead look that just requires you to run your fingers gently through your hair and tousle it. Then we have those other days, the ones that make you want to grab your hair and the nearest pair of scissors and cut it all off! Put down the scissors, we are going to show you how to take any bad hair day and turn it around with messy hair day ideas. If you have ever wanted to know how to fix a bad hair day, your prayers have been answered. 



10 No-Fail Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day


1. Flat to Full Hair



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If you wake up with flat hair, do yourself a favour and get the Ultimate Salon Setter rollers. Place them in equal sections in your hair, using the bigger rollers for more volume on top. When they have cooled and are ready to take out, separate with fingers to loosen and spray to finish. 


2. Wet Look Vibe



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If you wake up with kinks in your hair and don’t know how to save it, opt for the popular wet look hair like Margot Robbie has, this is also a favourite look for Kim Kardashian. Blow dry hair with a round brush and the Digital Sensor Dryer to one side with a deep side part, then use a wet look gel or pomade and comb through. Bobby pin to keep it into place and add hairspray for extra hold. For more detailed tips on how to get this gorgeous wet hair look, check out our step-by-step guide. 


3. From Fine Hair to Soft Waves



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When you have fine hair that needs some life, try using the Curl Secret Optimum on the natural setting to get loose waves like Chloe Grace Moretz. To add some extra bounce and volume to your thin hair follow our expert tips in this blog post.


4. Making the Most of Messy Hair



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If your hair is messy and you’re in a rush, embrace it don’t fight it. Do as Amber Heard would and spritz a generous amount of sea salt spray in while tossing your hair upside down. Scrunch in pomade to enhance wave, no brushes needed here!


5. High Pony and Handle



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If you’re blessed with long hair, there’s always an easy way to fix a bad hair day. Gal Gadot knows the quickest way to distract from any hair woes is to whip it up into a high pony, leaving a piece of hair out to wrap around the hair tie. Finish with lipstick of choice and no one will even know there was a looming bad hair day!


6. Bob Style with Movement



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Fixing a bad hair day with short hair isn’t hard, if you have a bob and it’s not sitting right, opt for some movement and loose wave. Start by using the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler to add some volume like Anne Hathaway, then finish with a shine spray to complete this sophisticated style.


7. Cheat Style for Long Hair



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When your long hair takes too long to style and is just not working, go for this Jennifer Lawrence option of hiding the back of your hair up off your face. Take some pieces to frame the front of your face and add some loose curls with the Elegance Salon Curls styler for a flattering, yet simple look. 


8. Braids for Thick Unruly Hair





Another one for the girls with long, thick hair, go for a braided hair style of your choice and keep it managed and neat. If you have bonus time, start by straightening hair with the Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush for an extra polished look.


9. Everyday Waves to Liven Up Lifeless Locks

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When your hair is limp and lifeless, adding some soft waves can work wonders. Use the Big Hair Soft Curls styler in large sections to add some movement in when you are short on time but need a miracle. 


10. Ladylike Vintage Waves




If you have a little bit of time to fix up your bad hair and want a ladylike style, tame those tresses and make Emma Stone your new style icon with her vintage waved look. It seems like Justin Timberlake likes them too! Get these waves by using the Salon Curls styler in evenly sized sections and curl, then brush out with a paddle brush so the curls turn into glamorous waves instead. Part to the side and add a shine spray to finish. 


Our Final Bad Hair Day Tips

If you get a bad haircut and are hating life, try asking yourself what it is about the cut you don’t like and seeing if there is any way to save it. Most stylists will normally fix what you don’t like in the first couple of days after a cut if they can. It could be that there might be different ways you need to style it to get the right look. 

To fix your look, try new styling tools and see what works. If you just want it to grow back, now, then you need these tips. Don’t lighten your hair, always use good quality hair products, take multi vitamins, don’t shampoo hair too often and get hair trimmed as soon as you see split ends. 

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Love Your Style, the VS Sassoon team x