Oz Beauty Expert VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Range to Repair Hair Damage
26 November 2018

VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Range Review by Oz Beauty Expert

Is it too late to repair damaged hair? Going easy on the hair dye and using products that bring moisture to your locks are just a couple of things you can try. But how about styling your hair? All that extreme use of heat can be a big contributor to your damaged locks. 

The new Digital Sensor range has been designed with hair protection and easy styling in mind. Bonnie G who is behind Oz Beauty Expert has shared her thoughts on the range. Read on to see how she can still have beautiful hair without all the hair damage. 

What are the causes behind my damaged hair?

The ends of my hair are prone to constantly being dry and brittle. No matter how much serum or oil I apply it just soaks it up and five minutes later it feels brittle again. 

My hair is dark, I don’t bleach it, so colour damage should be pretty minimal. This leaves me suspecting the damage from daily heat styling could be the culprit.

I know I know! My straightener has adjustable heat settings, but who actually knows the ideal temperature for their hair anyway?! My hair is curly, so I tend to put it on max heat, but is that too hot? Or do I need that much heat to straighten the curl?

Well, I’m very pleased to say I now know the answers to all of the above!


What tools do I use to help my damaged hair?

My ideal temperature on my straightener is 200°C, and on my dryer, I always use the highest heat setting. Yes, max heat is probably too hot for me and probably what’s caused the damage to my ends. How do I know this? My new VS Sassoon Digital Sensor hair tools of course. Yep, my hair tools taught me how I should be heat styling my hair!!!

I opted for a switch up of my styling tools when I discovered the new Digital Sensor Range from VS Sassoon. With the promise of reduced heat damage and their built-in intelligent digital sensors who wouldn’t want to give it a go!?!

The Digital Sensor Range now takes all the guesswork out of heat styling and ensures that my daily styling won’t cause any damage. Just what my brittle ends needed!

In the range is the Digital Sensor Straightener, Digital Sensor Hairdryer and the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler.

The Digital Sensor Straightener for Straight Locks

Firstly let me start with the Digital Sensor Straightener  from the range. With a flick of a switch, you can activate the heat protect mode. Once you start, it will adjust its heat to the ideal temperature. Its intelligent sensory can detect how much heat your hair can handle. When I started to use mine, it adjusted itself down to 200°C (from 235°C). It measured the moisture levels in my hair and detected the ideal heat for styling. 


Digital Sensor Straightener Review & Demonstration by Oz Beauty Expert



The Digital Sensor Hairdryer for a Beautiful Blow-Out

The Digital Sensor Hairdryer is optimised at a hair safe 70°C temperature. With a powerful 208km airflow, it will give you a fast, shiny blow dry but also protect against heat damage and colour fade. 

It also has an EC digital motor which means it will last 20x longer than a standard AC motor hair dryer. What I love about this dryer is the shine that it creates. It’s because of the ionic technology (all three styling tools across the range have) it eliminates frizz and static hair!


Digital Sensor Dryer Review & Demonstration by Oz Beauty Expert | VS Sassoon



The Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler for Salon Results at Home


Lastly, the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler uses a spinning brush to give you that fabulous salon blow dry result at home. I LOVE THIS HAIR TOOL! It creates a salon blow dry look, with ease, at home.

The ionic brush gives you a super shiny, frizz-free, bouncy blow dry. The brush rotates in both directions which is ideal for creating a soft bend in the hair, which is exactly how I like to wear my hair most days.


Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler Review & Demonstration by Oz Beauty Expert


Better Hair Days with the Digital Sensor Range

The Digital Sensor Range from VS Sassoon has literally taken the guesswork out of styling my hair. And I’m pretty confident in saying that my split ends will be looking and feeling much better in no time!

If you’re like me and wanting to help reduce the damage on your hair, find out where you can get your preferred styling tool from the range at your nearest stockists. 

Bonnie G xx
Oz Beauty Expert