How to create a bun
13 November 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Buns Baby!

Let’s talk buns! Not the ones you work on in the gym but the ones you work on at the hairdressers - or at home -  because in the style stakes nothing wins over an elegant up-do or a sexy top knot. We've got 8 bun styles to share with you!

One of the reasons buns are so popular is that there’s so many variations on them. Nape buns, space buns, high buns, even wet buns – that’s right you don’t even have to have to completely dry your hair to create a bun – and a wet bun is a great trick if you’re late for work. Note though, to minimise breakage when pulling up wet hair make sure you towel dry or rough dry it first. 

So let’s look at these different types of bun hairstyles and importantly give you the low –down on how to make them happen at home with the help of VS Sassoon Stylist Rob Reeves. Read on to find out how to create our 8 fave bun styles.


1. The Nape Bun



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Nape buns scream sophistication and nobody does a nape bun better than Cate Blanchett who often sports this style during awards season. Pictured at Cannes - and hugging it out with Angelina Jolie - Cate’s bun here is making us very jealous. 

It’s simple to create yet a glamourous, perfect red carpet look. “This is a gorgeous style,” agrees Rob Reeves. “You don’t even have to have long hair to recreate it as you can just add a hair piece. I’m betting that’s what Cate has done here and she’s also added a hair broach which is so on-trend right now.” To get this look all you have to do is:

  1. Prep your hair with your favorite volumising product and blow dry with your VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Dryer or Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler to create smoothness and volume. This will create a good foundation for a longer-lasting style. Once dry, spray hair with a texturing spray or dry shampoo to create more body and hold.
  2. Create your desired parting low to one side, using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush.
  3. Sweep hair back and smooth with a brush into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Tip: If you have shorter hair you can secure a clip in ponytail to create the length needed for a twisted bun
  4. Twist ponytail to create a rope effect or plait the ponytail for a more defined finish.
  5. Once you create the twist, loop hair up against the back of the head and secure with a few bobby pins then lock into place with your hair accessory.


2. Space Buns




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While Cate’s look is high glam no doubt about it, you don’t have to wait for a formal event to get your bun on. More relaxed options on the classic bun can work any time. Space buns are a good example. Cute and whimsical they brighten up any day and work well for off-duty occasions.

This is such a favorite of mine,” says Rob. “People often ask me -  how do you do two space buns? And really it couldn’t be easier. It works best on day old hair”.

  1. Start by rough drying your hair quickly until it is 80% dry with your VS Sassoon 5Q dryer – or for already-dry hair, blast with your 5Q to smooth and add shine. It works fast so perfect for this - and then finish off with a round brush for a smooth finish.
  2. With a paddle brush or comb, brush hair smooth and create a centre parting from forehead to nape.  
  3. Now create a high pony on both sides securing tightly with a hair tie.
  4. Start with one side and twist the ponytail around your fingers and wrap it around the base of the pony to create a knotted look. You can then either secure with another hair tie or bobby pins or both if easier. Repeat this on the other side.


3. Top Knot Buns

Another great take on the casual bun is a half-up top knot. Often seen at music festivals from Coachella to Splendour, this look benefits from a few added waves and/or braids. “Braided buns and top knots are very popular and I personally love them as they add interest and texture. I actually did a tutorial on how to get a 90s-inspired Top Knot so check out how easy this hairstyle is to do yourself at home” says Rob. 

“The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to have super long hair for this look but it does need to be shoulder length or slightly above shoulder length to work best.


4. Braided Bun Hairstyles

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So we’ve touched on how braids can add interest to a top knot but they also add interest to a more formal bun as well, giving them a slight edge. You don’t have to go for a straight braid or plait – you can go for a fishtail braid as Amber Heard has done here. “She looks totally sensational,” says Rob.
To get this look:

  1. Dry your hair with the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler.  This styler protects your hair while you’re drying it and also builds volume and fights frizz leaving your hair super glossy. It’s that gloss at the front that makes this look; contrasting perfectly with the textured fishtail braided bun at the back. 
  2. Once dried, use a styling dust/powder and/or texturising spray to create extra volume and texture. Then create a half ponytail, securing at the crown with a hair tie
  3. Then gently with your fingers, loosen the front for your desired result. Note, if your hair is flat and lacks volume, you may want to add some back combing into the front too before you create your pony.
  4. Then create a 2nd pony underneath with the back section and secure just under the first pony.
  5. Create a soft fish tail braid on both ponytail sections.
  6. Dress the hair by gently pulling braids to soften and loosen, then gently lopping and pinning into the back of your hair to create your desired shape.


5. Messy Buns

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Messy Buns are another go-to fave look for celebs and we’re a fan of them too! Gigi Hadid has done a great take in this picture. “The secret to Gigi’s bun is the curls,” explains Rob. “If you have natural curls, then half the work is done for you. Otherwise you’ll need to use your 25mm Ceramic Curler to create smoothness, shine and softness before you create this bun. We’ve also created a tutorial that shows you how to achieve a similar soft, side bun using this curler.

If you’re not confident at creating curls, I suggest using an auto-curler like the Curl Secret Optimum – it creates a range of curls all perfect for creating messy buns! You can also achieve body for your bun by creating waves instead of curls. Use a straightener for this – try the VS Sassoon Straight & Curl Brilliance.

We can’t fit all our favourite bun hairstyles into a detailed step-by-step guide, but we have to give an honorable mention to a few more of our favourite styles here;  


6. Wet Bun Hairstyles

Towel and air dry hair then “Comb hair through to the ends - use a wide tooth comb not a brush as hair is more fragile when it’s wet,” advises Rob. “Then comb it up into a high pony and secure hair with an elastic. Then divide your pony into two and tie a knot with it in the same way as you would knot your shoelaces as part of a bow. Pull tight and wrap each end around the knot and secure with bobby pins leaving the very ends down and there you have it.”

Rob explains, “If you want to create a wet look that lasts and doesn’t become fluffy when dry, apply a good amount of styling gel mixed with serum then follow the above steps.

7. Rose Bun Hairstyles



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8. The High Bun

J Sister, Pryankra Chopra, goes undercover as a librarian – minus the glasses! 

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How to do a high bun? According to Rob, you just brush your hair up into a high pony and secure with an elastic. Then  you have to twist the ponytail a few times then wrap it around the pony and pin into a bun. Easy!


Get Your Favourite Bun Style at Home!

So there you have it - some great bun inspo and step by step guides. You’re welcome.

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Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team! x