hairstyles for every face shape
16 April 2018

Top Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

Are you stuck in a rut with your hair? Do you feel like nothing really ever suits you and feel like nothing flatters your face shape when it comes to styling your hair?

You see a celebrity with a hairstyle that you really love. With a picture in your hand, you’ve printed the style out and you get to your hairdresser the next day, to tell them this is what you want and to make it happen.

Unfortunately, this celebrity doesn’t have the same face shape as you, so you realise, even though it looks great on her, it may not look the same on you because you both have different features. 

There’s no need to fret here.

We’ve compiled the top hairstyles for oval, square, heart-shaped and round-faced shapes so you can pick a hairstyle that not only looks great but also brings out the best features of your beautiful face! 

Flattering hairstyles for oval face shapes

To flatter oval face shapes you want styles that show your face rather than hide it. An oval face is easier to style due to its balanced proportions. You actually have an opportunity to try any type of haircut or style because your face shape is quite versatile! Try these top hairstyles for oval face shapes if you’re looking for a new look.

1. Side part with long loose waves

“Jessica Alba looking glamorous with her long loose waves with a side part”
Image Source

For those special occasions where you’re looking for a little bit of glamour in your life, sport a side part with long loose waves just like our girl Jessica Alba here. The side part doesn’t emphasise the shape of your face and the loose waves compliment your face shape. By styling your hair this way, you are adding softness to your already amazing features!


2. Deep side part with beach waves


“Blake Lively’s signature style is the tousled messy beach waves look.”
Image Source 

Blake Lively is the perfect example who rocks this look without any fail! If you have long hair, make sure when blow drying your hair, that you style the front sections of your hair away from the face. This ensures that you open up the face instead of making it smaller. 
The long layers and beachy waves add softness to your face shape and make it look effortless.

3. Shoulder length hair with soft waves


“Jennifer Lawrence looks classic & feminine with soft waves & shoulder length hair”

Image Source

For oval-faced girls like Jennifer Lawrence, another style that will definitely flatter your features is a shoulder-length cut with minimal layers. You can style your hair in any way, but soft waves like Jennifer's help your oval face appear slightly rounded instead of elongating it. 


The best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

With heart-shaped faces, you want to draw attention away from the chin area and highlight the eyes and cheekbones. Hairstyles that suit heart-shaped faces are long-layered looks and effortless styles. Here are the top hairstyles that you should try if you’re blessed with a heart-shaped face. 


1.The lob

“Karlie Kloss sporting lob-length hair with textured waves and layers”

Image Source

       The classic lob is a great hairstyle that not only suits heart-shaped faces but other common face shapes too. Lobs are great for women who have heart-shaped faces because it softens the strong jaw that you may have. This length is super easy to maintain and easy to style as well. 


2. Face-framing layers 


“Eva Longoria with beautiful framing layers to flatter her face shape”

Image Source 

As you can already tell, hairstyles that suit heart-shaped faces are ones that help soften your jawline. Ask your hairdresser to give you face-framing layers at the front. This will help your face shape from appearing longer and the layers at the front help open the face. 


3. Long layers and piecey bangs


“Reese Witherspoon’s iconic piecey bangs look”

Image Source

Reese Witherspoon is the cover girl for all heart-shaped face girls out there. Her hairstyles over the years have given a lot of inspiration to women who have a similar face shape to her. A great style to try is sporting long layers with a beautiful piecey fringe at the front that stops just above the eyes. The bangs will help draw attention away from your chin and focus on your eyes. 


Beautiful hairstyles for square-shaped faces

Square shaped faces flatter most hairstyles and always photograph well. The best feature to accentuate is your cheekbones and to also elongate the face instead of making it appear wider. Here are the top hairstyles for square-faced shaped women that you should try. 


1. Simple long layers 


“Gwyneth Paltrow keeping it simple and chic with long layers”

Image Source

Ask your hairdresser to give you long layers if you have long locks. Short layers can make your square face look wide or seem flat. Long layers will help prevent this and will also help accentuate your cheekbones. 


2. An off-centre part 


“Kirsten Dunst sports an off-centre part to bring forward her square face features”

Image Source

It’s always a great idea to play with the proportions of your hair. Creating an off-centre part, from the side of your pupil to one side of your face will help your face appear less wide. Square faces tend to have a wide shape. You don’t want your part to be too deep, just enough to flatter your face.


3. An angled bob


“Paris Hilton with the iconic angled bob to accentuate her best features”

Image Source 

Again with a square face, your focus should be elongating the shape instead of making it appear wider. An angled bob that is cut longer in the front and short in the back will help achieve this look. Angled bobs should be just above the shoulder, if not shorter!


Best hairstyles for round faces

The aim of styling round faces is to mask how wide the round face shape is. Styles that help elongate the face and slimming the face are the way to go here. These top hairstyles below are a great to way to change the shape of your face without the need of going under the knife!


1. Sleek middle parts 

“Gabrielle Union looking chic with a sleek middle part style"

Image Source

The reason why middle parts suit round faces the best is that they help make the face longer and slimmer. Style your hair sleek by straightening your hair and taming any flyaways. 


2. Voluminous Curls 


“Adele rocking beautiful tousled waves with volume”

Image Source

Rocking tousled waves with added volume at the roots are surely going to soften the shape of your round face. This will help accentuate other parts of your face such as your cheekbones. You can use an automatic curler using the bigger barrel to get these soft loose waves and then apply texturizing spray at the roots for that extra lift. 


3. A neat topknot


“Hayden Panettiere keeping it simple with a sleek top knot that makes her look fresh” 

      Image Source  

Pull your hair into a neat, sleek top knot to not only draw attention away from the shape of your face but also to really draw the focus to your cheekbones. This style will give you that “facelift” look and it makes you appear fresh. This style is perfect for 3rd-day hair or a special occasion. 


Style your hair whatever face shape you have!

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