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05 November 2019

Supercharge Your Curls with our 13 Curl Styles Video Lookbook

Let’s go crazy! Curl crazy that is. We’re love bombing you with a round-up of all our top curly hairstyles - all in the one place in our Ultimate Curly Look Book. Curls are always in style and with this handy playbook in your back pocket you’ll have a plethora of curl styles and easy to follow tutorials to choose from - so many you can have a different look for every day of the week!

Read on to learn how to create 13 of our gorge curl looks below in our Ultimate Curly Hairstyles Video Look Book.



Look 1: Classic, Salon Worthy Curls

If you’re looking for a classic curl look, then you can’t go past this tutorial which shows you how to curl your hair the right way using a traditional round curler. We take the guesswork out of curling your hair in this tutorial by showing you how to create gorgeous, salon worthy curls. 

PRO TIP: You can easily personalise your style by choosing your preferred type of curl with this curler. If you want looser, softer curls, take larger sections of hair and for tighter more defined curls, take smaller, thinner sections of hair. Check it out at 0:44.

How To Curl Hair With A Curling Wand | VS Sassoon

These curls were created using the 25mm Ceramic Curler. If you still love using classic curling wands but want a tighter curl then choose the 19mm Ceramic Curler or if you want a looser wave go for the 38mm Curler.


Look 2: Natural Curls

Yasss! You can create a natural curl look - you don’t have to be born with it! Simple yet stunning natural curls are a staple style for your look book that you can whip up quickly at home. For those days where you want to add something special to your look but don’t want to look like you’ve spent hours getting ready, a natural curl is perfect to add extra oomph. 

To get this look, use the Curl Secret Optimum on the natural curl setting for a fast, easy curl. With this tool you’ll be out the door in no time and ready to show your gorgeous, natural locks to the world. 


Look 3: Sophisticated Curls

When you need curls that are a little more glamorous and structured for a vibe that oozes sophistication, this curl style is perfect for you. Whether it’s a night out with your friends, a special event such as a wedding or for days when you want to wear your hair out at work, this style will add a special touch to your look.  

To create this look, use the Curl Secret Optimum on the sophisticated curl setting. The secret to achieving such incredible curls every time with this tool is ionic conditioning that gives you smooth, frizz free curls. 


Look 4: Romantic Curls

You guessed it - this look is for when love is in the air! If it be date night with your other half or even with your bestie - these curls are tight and sweet to make the heart go thumpity thump! We love this look when we’re feelin’ the love! 

This look is created using the Curl Secret Optimum on the romantic curl setting. Don’t be afraid to go for these tight, bouncy curls and see for yourself why we are loving this style so much!

Check out our tutorial below which shows you how to create all three curl looks: the Natural Curl, the Sophisticated Curl look and the Romantic Curl look. Our model used the automatic curler, the Curl Secret Optimum.

Get To Know: The Curl Secret Optimum | VS Sassoon


Look 5: Soft, Straightener Curls

We know that your straightener can be your best friend to straighten with and of course to curl! The straightener curl can be adjusted to what you want, if you want soft movement then take larger sections and move the straightener through the hair quickly. If you want a more bouncier curl then take smaller sections and move the straightener through your hair slowly.  

This tutorial takes you through how to straighten for perfect polka straight hair but also how to curl with a straightener.  You can also check out this post from Oz Beauty Expert for her tips when it comes to curling with a straightener.

How To Use the Straight & Curl Brilliance | VS Sassoon


Look 6: Beachy Waves

Summer months calls for loose, carefree beachy waves and the secret to create this look is using a big barrel curling tong - try a 38mm. Creating salon worthy waves has never been easier using this curling tong. 

This tutorial shows you how easy it is to harness this chilled summer style and get that cool, surfer chick hair you have always wanted. Depending on your style, use a big barrel 38mm tong for loose waves or 32mm barrel curler for tighter waves. 

How To Create Beachy Waves | VS Sassoon


Look 7: Big, Glamour Hollywood Curls

Nothing screams Hollywood more than big glamorous curls. All you need is a set of hot rollers to do up your curls and you’ll be rolling out the red carpet in no time!

A curling iron may be the modern way of curling hair, but don’t underestimate the power of a set of rollers! This statement look will be sure to have you turning heads.



A post shared by Scarlett Johansson (@scarlettjohansson_xo) on

Image source: @scarlettjohansson_xo

How To Use Heated Hair Rollers To Get Long Lasting Volume | VS Sassoon


Look 8: Natural, Diffuse Dried Curls

There’s nothing like embracing your natural style and enhancing those beautiful natural curls. When you’re a naturally curly girl then you need to know how to tame them so your curls are frizz-free,divine and ready to impress.  

To enhance natural curls, either dry your hair naturally or when you don’t have time for that use the diffuser on your dryer which will soften the airflow to maintain the shape of your curls while they dry. We recommend using the Digital Sensor Dryer with the diffuser attached for the best results. Watch the tutorial below as we show you how easy it is to enhance your natural curls.

How To Diffuse Hair For Frizz Free Curls | VS Sassoon


Look 9: Boho Curly Upstyle

We’re currently loving the boho, hippie style. We all need to connect with our inner boho babe every now and again and this style is the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun and experiment with your style and hair.

Pair this hairstyle with a nice maxi skirt and sandals and wear to a festival or brunch with your besties to create the ultimate boho look. Using the Curl Secret Optimum, this style is surprisingly easy to do. So go on and try it for yourself! 

Get The Look: Natural Curls Plaited Top Knot | VS Sassoon


Look 10: Elegant, Curly French Roll

French rolls ooze class and sophistication. Amp up your curl style with this elegant curly French roll with a twist. To add a girly, fresh twist we are loving the half up half down curly French Roll. 

Perfect for an elegant work look, date night or your birthday this look is ideal for those nights you want to feel that extra bit fancy. Using the Curl Secret Optimum, this sophisticated look has never been easier to create. 

Get The Look: Sophisticated Curls Half Up, French Roll | VS Sassoon


Look 11: Sweet Girly Curly Side Ponytail

Braids and plaits are always a fun style, why not amp it up into a curly, romantic side pony with a plait for an extra dose of sweet. This look is perfect for summer when you want to have your hair out off your face, but still want that sophisticated, stunning style. 

Using the Curl Secret Optimum on the romantic setting, just curl, braid and put into a low, side pony! 

Get The Look: Romantic Curls Plaited Side Ponytail | VS Sassoon


Look 12: Short Hair Curls

Curly hairstyles on short hair doesn't have to be a hot mess. Don’t let having short hair limit you to playing with different styling options, you can actually do a lot with it! This look adds a form of sophistication and glamour to short hair that cannot be rivaled by straight hair. 

Starting with a blow dry and then using the Straight & Curl Brilliance, check out how easy it is to style up your short locks into flirty curly waves!

How to Style Short Hair without Frizz | VS Sassoon


Look 13: Bouncy, 'Blow Dry' Curls

Love curls but not the frizz? Why not create a head of curls and get clever with styling products to give a big blow dry feel to your curls! Bonnie Gillies of Oz Beauty Expert shows us how easy it is to create this look at home.

Bonnie shows how to create multiple types of curls ranging from tight to medium and loose curls using the Curl Secret Multi Curl. Choose your desired and curl away to get a perfect, simple look!

See the new Curl Secret Multi Curl in action!


Be the Curl Queen!

Phew! And that’s a wrap on our Ultimate Curl Video Lookbook. There has to be a style in there that you want to try out and we’d love to see the results! Make sure you tag us with your curl creation on Insta @VS_Sassoon and #LoveVSStyle.

If you can’t get enough of the VS Hair Tutorials then check out our other vids for loads of style inspiration. 

Still want more? Check out all our curlers here and find the right tool for you.

Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team! x