summer haircare tips
27 November 2017

Summer Haircare Tips

Finally the summer season has arrived! Long days at the beach, warm Sunday mornings & being outdoors is what we’re looking forward to in the summer season ahead.

However, the Australian sun is known to be quite harsh and hot, so take precautions when it comes to your locks, to make sure you’re protecting them with these tips.


Be Sun Smart

The idea of SPF for in your hair can be strange, but it’s really important! The sun’s rays can bleach both artificial (coloured hair) and natural pigments in the hair if we are outside for long periods of time (i.e. the beach).

Use a product that gives you the sun protection that your locks need with products that contain UVA and UVB filters to help serve as a protective layer against the harsh Australian sun.

Tip: Take sun protection to the next level and wear a hat to ensure that you’re maximising the protection from the harsh rays.


Use Heat Protection Always!  

Just like sunscreen for hair, heat protection provides a protective barrier over your hair cuticles to protect it from the heat. Heat can cause colour fading in your locks, so whether you are sun baking at the beach or using styling tools, ensure you are using a heat protectant.


Use A T-Shirt To Dry Hair

Reduce breakage and frizz by using a t-shirt that you don’t use anymore instead of a towel to pre-dry your hair before using your hair dryer. The smooth surface of a t-shirt absorbs the excess water and unlike a towel that has rough grooves, it won’t frizz your hair. Frizz can be caused by the friction of putting your locks in a towel.


Mask It

It’s essential to treat your locks with a hair mask weekly. Depending on your hair type or hair concern, feed your locks with a good hair mask that will repair, replenish and treat any damage from the summer heat.

Pro Tip: Apply hair masks from the mid-lengths down to the tips to not get that greasy feeling at the roots.


Use ionic styling tools

During the summer season, the humidity in the air can be quite high. Humidity can cause frizziness and dryness in your locks. The best way to combat this is to use ionic styling tools. The negative ions in the tools will help reduce the frizz and make it easier to style your hair.


Opt For Paraben and Sulphate Free Products

Ditch any ingredients that dry out your hair such as paraben and sulphate. You can purchase shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain these ingredients. They strip your hair of important nutrients which can leave your locks looking and feeling dry.


Easily Get Summer Hair

We’ve got a range of high salon quality straighteners, stylers and dryers that have the latest technologies to protect your hair and give you the best summer hair whatever style you go for.