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31 July 2018

The Prettiest Spring Races Hairstyles to Get You Race Ready!

In this blog post, we‘re giving you the real inside scoop on how to achieve the hottest race day hairstyles. We’ve taken inspo from Royal Ascot, Melbourne Cup and our favourite celebs. So whether you’re planning to rock a fascinator or not, read on for all the winning looks! 

We’ve consulted with Amy Gaudie, multi-award winning stylist for Urban Chic in Brisbane to give us the deets on how to create  the prettiest spring races hairstyles. Let’s start with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who totally slayed with a side-bun updo at Ascot.


The Classic Side-Bun Updo 



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“The side-bun perfectly complemented her hat but was also young and fresh,” said Amy. 

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Start by prepping your hair with a texturizing spray.
  2. Then blow dry with a paddle brush and VS Sassoon’s Glosscar-winning Digital Sensor Dryer to create smooth volume. 
  3. A good tip is to use hot rollers for additional volume. I suggest 6-8 rollers depending on how much hair you have but they should be big – try VS Sassoon’s Secret Curls Pop Up Rollers, they come in two sizes so use the biggest ones. 
  4. Once your hair is curled and cooled and the rollers are out, use your fingers to rake through your hair and then back comb at the roots using a teaser brush. 
  5. Using a boar bristle brush, brush your hair to the nape of the neck and then off to the side. Secure into a pony with a clear elastic. 
  6. Divide your pony into three sections, twisting each section into a rope and pinching it with your fingers to create volume. 
  7. One you have secured each section with a clear elastic, twist into a bun and secure with pins. 

Nailed it!


The Straight & Shiny Look

We are total fangirls of the ‘straight & shiny’ hairstyle which is another great look for teaming with a hat or fascinator. So who does it best? Well, we’re crushing on Ciara’s take for Royal Ascot.



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It’s perfect for long, medium or short hair.  “For this look, do everything you can to bring as much shine as possible to your hair,” advises Amy. 

  1. Wash your hair using a shine shampoo and conditioner. 
  2. Then using your VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hair Dryer, with its ultra slim nozzle angled down to ensure the cuticle is flat for ultimate shine, blow dry to 70% dry. 
  3. Next step: using a comb and your dryer, slowly direct hair away from the face but keeping it flat to the head.
  4. Once done, divide your hair into small sections – no more than 2 centimeters per section.
  5. Taking your VS Sassoon straightener - try the 3Q Digital Straightener -  straighten each section, again flat to the head. 
  6. Finish with a shine spray. 

If you don’t have Ciara’s length of locks don’t worry, this look works well on a bob too – take inspo from Kate Waterhouse who definitely belongs to the school of ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ but in an oh-so classy way.



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The Messy Mane

Remember you don’t have to wear a hat or fascinator. You can go for a much more laidback, even messy look, as Paris Jackson did last year at Melbourne Cup.



Yes, you can always count on Paris to bring it!  “This look is a super fun style,” says Amy. 

To achieve it:

  1. Start by using a texturising shampoo and conditioner and then spritz liberally with an ocean spray. 
  2. Divide hair into random sections and then twist each section in alternating directions – you’re aiming for rope curls. 
  3. Take your Digital Sensor Dryer and attach the diffuser and then dry letting the diffuser do the work. 
  4. Once dry, finish with an ocean spritz spray again – spray into your hands and then run it through the end for a defined texture and finish.

This style suits any hair length and can be customised to be as “messy” as you like. 


Romantic Wavy Hair

For a soft, romantic look like these takes from Bec Judd and Jen Hawkins (below) get a hold of the VS Sassoon’s Smooth & Wave. This automatic 2-in-1 straightener and curler does the work for you. 



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Amy advises the following steps:

  1. Prep hair for styling with a volumising spray – apply liberally and blow dry using a brush.
  2. Then divide your hair into 2-cm sections and feed hair into the Smooth & Wave.  If you want a marginally bouncier look (similar to Jen’s here – Bec has a slightly tighter wave) then feed even less hair into the Smooth & Wave. 
  3. Finish by running your fingers through the curls afterwards. 

You can finish styling by smoothing any flyaways and keeping it neat by placing the hair behind the ears. Placing the hair behind the ears is a great way to show off your dramatic earrings or your hair fascinator. 


The Fierce Braided Ponytail

Last but not least, try this fierce style as rocked by Jodie Gordon at Melbourne Cup. You will totally sizzle. 



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Amy advises us how it’s done:

  1. Prep exactly the same as you would for the the  “The Straight & Shiny” look (see above) and then dry. 
  2. To create a bit of a lift, direct your nozzle from your temples and nape upwards. Spray with a liberal amount of shine spray so it looks almost wet, then start to straighten the lengths with a curling iron flat to the head, section by section.” Use the VS Sassoon Goddess Straightener – it uses steam to straighten, locking in shine at the same time. Yes, you want that shine girl! 
  3. Then using a boar brush, bring your tresses into a high pony and secure with a see-through elastic, wrapping a small section of hair around the elastic to completely hide it.
  4.  Divide the pony into three sections and then braid into a classic plait. 

PRO TIPS: Smooth any flyaways by taking a toothbrush and spritz some hairspray. Simply comb any strays hairs away. To give this a modern finish add Kela beads them all over your hair including into the braid.



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