Ponytails for long hair
06 May 2019

Ponytail Hairstyles Don't Have to Be Boring: We Show You How

The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that you can never really get wrong AND it can get you out of the most tricky hair situations. 

It’s a life savior for days when your hair just isn’t behaving and the solution is to pull it back! For lazy girl hair days when you can’t be bothered? Pull it back. Or for days when you have no time for more than getting it out of your face? Cue the ponytail!

However they don’t need to be boring! They can be as pretty as a picture, just like Ariana here or you can add some curls and twists to really amp up your style.




Let’s not delay any longer and show you one of our favourite styled-up ponytails that you can easily do at home just like our gal Lihini does with the help of VS Sassoon Stylist Rob Reeves.

Together they’ve taken Lihini’s straight locks, added some quick curls and twists, then viola! Ponytail perfection!

Watch, read and learn our step-by-step guide below.

Rob’s Tip: For a fuller ponytail create two separate ponytails then secure them together with a hair tie. You can see this at 0:44. To amp up the volume, back comb random curls to add texture and fullness. Check out how this is done at 1:15.

Get The Look: Glam Curly Ponytail with Twists | VS Sassoon


Step-by-Step Ponytail Tutorial


How to Create a Glam Curly Ponytail with Twists

1. Curl your hair with the Straight & Curl Brilliance. Adding curls to your hair can really glam up your ponytail.


2. With a centre part, take a section on either side and twist and clip out of the way.


3. Create two sections at the back horizontally from the top of one ear to the top of the other and clip the top section up out of the way.


4. With the remaining hair, create a ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with a hair tie. 


5.  Repeat this with the next section and secure it around the first pony. This technique creates fullness in the ponytail.


6. Create more volume and texture through the top by loosening with your fingers.


7. Release one front section and split into two separate sections. Twist each section around each other towards the back and secure with a pin at the base of the ponytail.



8. Repeat on the other side.


9. To add more texture and fullness select small sections and back comb with your fingers.


And voila! A gorgeous, curly ponytail with twists using the Straight & Curl Brilliance.


How Do I Get This Look?

Lihini used the curved outer housing of the VS Sassoon Brilliance Straight & Curl to create gorgeous curls with some trusty poly bands and bobby pins to finish the style. We love that the look is so easy yet really right on-trend.


Create beautiful, DIY hairstyles at Home

Styling your hair at home can be easy and our everyday models show you how to do it in our video tutorials so watch them all and see one that suits you. To make styling that little bit easier you have to have the right tool so check out the VS stylers, dryers and straighteners.

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Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team! x