Bonnie Gillies using the Curl Secret Optimum
23 July 2019

Oz Beauty Expert Reviews The Curl Secret Optimum

 I might just have found the most versatile hair tool yet!

The new Curl Secret Optimum combines the best of the original curl secret tool with some new and improved technology that allows you to create multiple curl styles with the one tool. Read on and watch my video below to find out more!

I’ve been matching my curls to suit my mood, or even my outfit. It puts a bit of fun into styling your hair, but takes out all the hard work. 

Romantic curl? Sophisticated Curl? Or my everyday go-to the natural curl? It’s totally up to you, and super easy to create any curly or wavy style you desire.

Many women find curling their hair with a tong or a flat iron an impossible task due to the hand manoeuvring involved, the timing, the heat settings or the sheer amount of time it can take to get the job done. Consequently they give up trying to perfect the wavy or curly look altogether.


Why Oz Beauty Expert Loves the Curl Secret Optimum?

The new Curl Secret Optimum makes perfect curls with the least amount of effort. It’s not just a godsend for anyone who has struggled styling their hair in the past, it will save loads of time and effort for everyone.

My favourite look is the ‘Natural Curl’ it gives my hair an effortless looking soft wave. The curls last really well, especially if I finish my style with a light spritz of texture spray. Once I’m done I run my fingers through my hair to tousle each curl and make it look soft and natural.

Oz Beauty Expert's Tips

As you grab each section of hair the Curl Secret Optimum gently draws the hair into the curl chamber and sets the curl with the correct amount of heat and time necessary, and it beeps when it’s time to release each curl. It’s so easy, and the curls are beautiful!

It has intuitive curl control with 3 automatic curl types- Romantic, Sophisticated and Natural. You can choose your curl type or you can personalise the settings using the LCD control screen and pick whichever heat and time setting you want. The curl chamber is ceramic and locks in shine as you style. It also has ionic conditioning which helps to eliminate frizz.

Remember to incorporate your favourite styling products depending on what look you are after.
If you want a polished looking curl or wave use a light coat of hairspray followed by some shine spray.  If it’s a more lived in curl, try some texture spray. And if you’d like a bouncy wave add some volume powder to both the roots and the lengths of each curl.

I love that with the Curl Secret Optimum any curl style I want is at my fingertips without having to fuss. Watch my tutorial below as I show you how easy this automatic curler is to use.

How to use the Curl Secret Optimum by Oz Beauty Expert


Want to Create These Styles for Yourself?

With my video tutorial and blog you’re armed with all the curling tips you need to put the Curl Secret Optimum to the test. Find out where you can get your hands on one from your nearest stockist

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Bonnie G xx
Oz Beauty Expert