Oz Beauty Expert Travel Essentials
06 November 2018

Oz Beauty Expert Reveals Her Top 3 Travel Essentials!

I've just returned from over a month of travelling from tropical islands to New York City, I travelled through heavy humidity, rain, harsh sun and just a few earthquakes (only 5...).

You'd think I'd be happy to be home, but I'm not #takemeback #holidayblues...


Anyway, one thing I'm now definitely an expert on is packing all the essential beauty products for any climate, in as little suitcase space as possible. I’m sharing with you my top 3 travel essentials when it comes to my hair!

#1 - A 38mm Curling Tong For Soft Waves

When it comes to my hair routine, it’s actually pretty simple. I need a good reliable hair dryer and I never travel anywhere without my VS Sassoon 38mm curling tong.

The 38mm curling tong easily gives me soft bends in my hair, the softest type of wave. I call it ‘movement’ rather than an actual structured wave. It gives me a salon-styled look and it’s easy for me to do quickly while I’m on holiday.


#2 - A Multi-Voltage Hair Dryer That Is Travel-Friendly

Travelling with your hair dryer is a challegning situation to navigate. I’ve learned the hard way (yes, I’ve turned up to shoots to do the models hair) that our Aussie hair dryers just do not work in the USA, Canada and a bunch of other countries. It’s very inconvenient, to say the least!

Because of the difference in voltage between countries whenever I go to the USA suddenly my super powerful hair dryers are transformed into something that blows only a tiny pathetic whisper of air. It is impossible to get any hairstyle done properly!

This trip I was much smarter and took with me the VS Sassoon Travel Pro which along with being compact is also dual voltage so it works anywhere in the world.


Obviously, I loved the fact that the Travel Pro allowed me to get my hair styled easily after a day at the pool in New York, but I also loved that it’s a small compact size, taking up less room in my suitcase and allowing me to pack an extra pair of shoes!

The difference between the Travel Pro and most other travel dryers is that it uses an AC professional motor. Most other travel dryers use a DC motor, and although they may be compact and small in size, they can take a really long time to dry your hair properly. The hair dryer really packs a punch with its AC motor and it performs much better than any other travel dryer I’ve ever tried before.

For what it costs it’s definitely worth having on hand for whenever you travel anywhere overseas.


#3 - Travel Sized Friendly Containers For Your Hair Products

Of course, every good hairstyle includes a few good hair products too. Large sizes of hair care like shampoo, conditioner, hairspray etc are generally pretty heavy and they take up a lot of space in your suitcase.

It’s a fantastic idea to stick to products you already know and love, and invest in some travel sized bottles and tubs to fill with your favourite products. 

This means you can still take all your favs without taking up too much room in your luggage or being overweight.


Happy Travels!

Bonnie- Oz Beauty Expert  xxx


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