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20 May 2019

Our Favourite 90's Hairstyle's That Are Making A Comeback!

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It was only a matter of time before the 90’s would be a trend to revisit. We’ve had the beehive styles of the 60’s, the disco vibes of the 70’s, the larger than life styles of the 80’s, now 90’s hairstyles are making a comeback! Our fave hairstyles from the 90’s include top knots, up styles, braids, pigtails, wet look styles and everything finished off with headbands, clips or scrunchies. So here’s our guide to making this era your own, with a fresh modern spin.



The 90's High Ponytail

The 90’s lent itself to Barbie inspired do’s like the one seen here on Ariana Grande. All you need is to straighten your hair with the Straight & Curl Brilliance then secure into a sky-high pony. Don’t forget to wrap a piece of hair around the elastic and pair with nude lip liner and lipstick to get the perfect 90’s inspired look. When going for the high ponytail, you can add a scrunchie to get the ultimate cheerleader-inspired look. 



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90's Volume

The volume of the 80’s rolled right into the 90’s too, think of Cindy Crawford and Rebecca Gayeheart, pictured here, with their classic but sexy girl-next-door vibes. For amped up volume, section the hair and use the smallest hair rollers on the Ultimate Salon Setter. For tighter curls, don’t forget to add volume boosting hair care and styling products like mousse too, this will give you the intense volume of this stunning 90’s trend.

If you have thin hair but still want to get the gorgeous volume look of the 90’s, check out our hair hacks



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90's Braids

Braids really took off in the 90’s and continue to be rocked by celebrities for their casual, yet girly look. Start with smooth, straight hair, using the Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush then braid into either a French braid, fishtail braid, pigtails, or a combo, as seen here on Denise Richards, to get the ultimate 90’s braided look. If you want to try out different types of braids, check out this blog to choose your fave.



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The Skinny Fringe

Aah, bless! The skinny fringe originated in the 90’s and has always held a place in our heart. There was nothing as satisfying as brushing your hair into the perfect up style, then pulling down a few pieces on each side framing your hair with a skinny fringe. If Cher from Clueless can make it look hot, it’s definitely a thing. Don’t forget to firstly make sure your hair is straight by using the Keratin Protect Straightener to get the ultimate iconic 90’s skinny fringe. 


Top Knot's with a 90's Twist

Top knots aren’t only for rolling down to the shops on weekends in trackies to get your morning latte. They can also be dressed up for a stylish night out. The top knot features #1 on our 5 Celebrity Date Night Hacks to Try.  Done the right way, they’re chic and effortlessly fun. We love this half up top knot pictured, but to keep the look on trend for the 90’s, add a scrunchie, braid, or both! 



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We love this look, so we’ve added two braids for a more modern finish. Check out our easy video tutorial so you can create this look at home. 


Get The Look: Messy Top Knot with 90’s Twist | VS Sassoon



The Slicked Back Look

The severe styles of pulling all the hair back off the face were definitely popular in the 90’s. Opt for something similar to Bella Hadid by straightening your locks with the Digital Sensor Straightener, then brushing all the hair back into a high bun style, add a scrunchie of choice to finish. The slicked back look is the ultimate sophisticated and glamorous look for you to rock to your next big event.  This chic look also features on our International Fashion Week Hairstyles You Can Actually Do Yourself. 



Half Up, Half Down Styles

Is it up? Is it down? No, it’s half-up and half-down! One for the girls that love their hair down but want some variation with a bubble fringe. Blow dry hair smooth with a round brush tucking the ends under slightly with the Digital Sensor Dryer, then pull a minimal amount back from your face at the top and pin to achieve this fun and effortless look

The half up, half down can also be made more formal following these simple tips, perfect for a glamorous wedding day look. 



Wet Look Styles

Wet look hair is still a sizzling hair trend, you only have to look at the recent Met Gala where Kim Kardashian sported this look. To try this trend, shampoo, condition and towel dry hair then apply a small amount of serum from roots to ends. Next apply a heap of gel to the roots and mid sections and comb through. Comb the hair around the face and top of the head into a wave formation and then scrunch the rest to get that messy waved effect. Let it dry without touching it then spray with a shine gloss spray. The wet hair look trend is well and truly back to stay with Kim Kardashian sporting this look in more ways than one.   



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The Lob (Pob)

The Spice Girls arguably started many 90’s hair trends, but none has lasted the length of time like the Lob (Pob), made famous by Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham. Ask your hairdresser to cut your hair into a long bob, then straighten with the Elegance Straighten & Smooth styler to achieve the flawless, slick Posh Spice Lob. The Lob features #2 in our blog 11 of the Best Blunt Bob Hairstyles to Try



The 90's Curly Pony

The pony is a trend that keeps on giving, with so many ways to add a slightly different touch to it. To look as fierce as Beyonce, brush hair upside down into the highest pony you can manage. This works best on second day hair to lessen flyaway’s. Use the Straight & Curl Brilliance on the ends of the hair to curl, then spritz all over with hairspray. 

For expert tips on how to curl your hair, don’t miss these steps on how to curl short, medium or long hair. If Curly Ponytails are your thing, check out our video tutorial here on how to create a glam Curly Pony.



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The 90's Headband with a Side Pony

The Headband was almost as big in the 90’s as the scrunchie, seen as the ultimate way to dress up an Up Do. To go full 90’s like Jennifer Love Hewitt, blow dry hair smooth with the 5Q Brilliance Dryer, then style hair into a high or low side pony, complete with brushed across side fringe. This will give you the simple look of the iconic 90’s headband hairstyle. Add a headband in the colour of your choice to match your outfit, or clash for a colour pop.



90's Pigtails

While pigtails have been around since the 1600’s, this style pictured is unmistakably 90’s inspired. Section hair in half, then secure hair into two matching high ponytails on each side. Pull some pieces out to frame the face, wrap hair around the hair ties and curl the lengths of the hair with the 38mm Ceramic Curler, brushing out until the curl has loosened to a wave to give your hair the perfect volume to recreate these flattering 90’s pigtails.  



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90's Scrunchie Style's

It’d be impossible to look back on the 90’s and not to include Britney! She was an icon of the era and we all wanted to copy her blonde haired, all American look. Straighten hair,  nostalgic. Scrunchies were the in thing to wear in the 90’s and have recently experienced a new wave of popularity.



How To Get The 90's Look at Home



We love that the 90’s hairstyles have made a comeback! But we just don’t know which is our fave, so we’ll be trying them all!  If you want to try your hand at these 90’s looks, make sure you have the tools you need first like a straightener, dryer or styler then get styling and party on dude!

Don’t forget we have loads of easy hair tutorials so if the nineties isn’t your thing be sure to check out our other gorgeous looks you can create at home.  

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Love your style, the VS Sassoon Team x