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19 December 2018

Our Fave Celebrity Blonde Hair Looks & Tips


Celebrities are lucky enough to be able to experiment and try different looks with their hair! With the likes of Kim K and Nicki Minaj, they seem to go through the colours of the rainbow on the regular!

We’ve rounded up our favourite celebrity bombshells and share some hair tips. If you’re brave enough to veer away from the dark side and experiment with your own locks, you’re going to need to learn how to style it. 

With VS Sassoon’s stylist Rob Reeves’ help we’re taking a look at some of the most iconic blondes out there starting with the most famous blonde of all!

  1. Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Blonde Bombshell Hair
  2. Khloe Kardashian's Blonde Top Knot
  3. Dua Lipa's Short Blonde Bob
  4. Elle Fanning's Messy Waves
  5. Ali Oetjen's Messy Bun
  6. Emilia Clarke's Short Blonde Pixie Cut
  7. Sophie Monk and Jackie O's Blonde Waves
  8. Charlize Theron's Blunt Blonde Fringe


1. Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Blonde Bombshell Hair



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So, in the beginning, there was Marilyn Monroe, the blonde that defined a generation and set the pace. Fifty years later we’re still trying to catch up. “This short ‘blonde bombshell’ look is still relevant,” said Rob. 

Here's How to get Marilyn Monroe Hair:

  1. Start by prepping with a volumiser. This will add body as well as texture for a modern take on this style.
  2. Then using your Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler with the 40mm brush head attachment, take a small section and wrap hair rotating the brush towards your scalp.
  3. When you’ve finished drying, activate the cool shot to lock in volume and wave.
  4. Then attach the 3D styling attachment and use on one side to smooth back for a sleeker look.
  5. Finish with hairspray to lock into place.


2. Khloe Kardashian's Blonde Top Knot



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On top with a top knot, sometimes blonde Khloe Kardashian hits the mark with this current catwalk fave. She’s always been a stunner with her blonde hair. Over the years she’s always been able to keep her colour on point with regular treatments and trims. 

To Achieve Khloe's Top Knot

  1. Drying your hair with a hot air rotating brush, like the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler. Directionally dry hair up to a top knot to ensure a sleek smooth finish.
  2. Secure your top knot with a soft band to prevent damage or snagging. 
  3. Finally, use your Digital Sensor Straightener to add a smoother, shinier finish by running it through your hair.


3. Dua Lipa's Short Blonde Bob



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For those of you with a bob, take inspo from the Queen of Cool, Dua Lipa. “It’s a classic style that’s always on trend,” says Rob. Her length keeps it from looking too short and the blonde gives it that extra oomph! Make sure you regularly tone your blonde to keep it looking fresh!

To Achieve Dua Lipa’s Styled Blonde Bob:

  1. Style dry your hair with a hot air styler, like the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler until dry using the 3D styling attachment.
  2. Then, using the Digital Sensor Straightener, add a soft wave. 
  3. Select one section on both sides at eye level and half twist your straightener from temple to check bone keeping the ends straight.
  4. Finish with sea salt spray or styling powder to create a messy texture.


4. Elle Fanning's Messy Waves



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 “I love this look! Elle looks’ Maleficent’ here but her hair is slightly dry– always a risk for blondes. If your hair is also dry suggest you pre-treat your locks with a moisture and protein hair mask,” advises Rob. Another tip for keeping your blonde on point is to use a weekly pre-shampoo oil treatment like natural coconut or macadamia oil. Apply to dry hair 20 minutes before washing.” 

To Get Elle Fanning's Blonde Maleficent Style: 

  1. Dry your hair with a volumizing texture spray and your Digital Sensor Hairdryer for optimal hair protection. This super smart dryer will dry your hair fast (208km/h), while maintaining a hair safe 70°C – it’ll do the job quickly without any damaging hotspots.
  2. Then split hair with a middle part and create a soft braid on both sides securing together over your crown.
  3. Use a mid-size barrel curling tong, like the 25cm Ceramic Curling Tong to create curls and waves through the hair that’s left down.



5. Ali Oetjen's Messy Bun



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A bachelorette no more, Ali Oetjen does her take on the messy bun here and we have to say, Meghan Markle watch out for your crown cos it’s AWESOME! This style is perfect for the ultimate date night or wedding hairstyle!

How to Achieve Ali's Messy Bun:

  1. Blow dry your hair with a round brush and a hair dryer. If you can’t juggle the two, a rotating hot hair brush, like the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler is great way to create a big volume dry, the perfect foundation for any updo.
  2. Sweep hair back into a low ponytail and secure with a grip, leaving your top front section loose. 
  3. Then twist your pony into a rope and secure around the base with bobby pins.
  4. Use either a straightener or curler to create soft waves in the front sections.


6. Emilia Clarke's Short Blonde Pixie Cut



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If you like to keep your hair shorter (always a temptation in summer), try this hotter than hot look from GOT’s Emilia Clarke. “This look relies on a few blonde tones from ice cool to warm honey and a good texturising product. Just run it through your damp hair before rough drying with your fingers,” advises Rob.

To Style Your Pixie Blonde Look Like Emilia's:

  1. Blast dry with a hairdryer – we love the Digital Sensor Hairdryer to rough dry it.
  2. Take small sections using your Digital Sensor Straightener with protect mode set for ultimate hair protection. Then straighten to create jagged texture.
  3. Finish with a matte paste or pomade to give it a piecy look.


7. Sophie Monk & Jackie O's Blonde Waves



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Besties Jackie O and Sophie Monk are twin styling here – yup told you they were besties! Here they’re sporting beautiful beachy waves which can easily be achieved at home! All you need is a great hairdryer to volumise your roots and a curler to add waves.

How To Get This Beachy Waves Look:

  1. Prep with a volumiser and dry with your Digital Sensor Hairdryer and a round brush for volume and bounce.
  2. Then add waves with the Big Hair Soft Curls.
  3. Finish with shine hold spray.


8. Charlize Theron's Blunt Blonde Fringe



Finally, just like Charlize, put on your girl boss and totally rule with this oh-so-cool wave style. Heavy fringes are back! So consider one when you next go for a cut. If you want to know if this style suits you, do some research and see what celebrities have the same face shape as yourself to find out. 

How to Style Your Hair Like Charlize's:

  1. Dry and style with your hair with your hot air styler.
  2. Then using your Digital Sensor Straightener on protect mode for ultimate hair protection, straighten your fringe by slightly turning the Straightener under for soft bounce. 
  3. Then take a couple of sections on each side and twist the Straightener away from your face and gently slide down the section.
  4. Finish with dry shampoo for texture.



Style Your Blonde Hair With the Ultimate Salon-Quality Styling Products at Home

Before you think about styling your blonde locks, make sure you know how to maintain blonde hair. Then you can get your very own VS Sassoon dryer, styler or straightener at your nearest stockists to help style and protect your locks. Easily achieve any of these looks in the comfort of your own home!

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Love your style, from the VS Sassoon team x