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09 July 2019

Lazy Girl Hairstyles for Gorgeous Hair Fast!

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You know those feels, when you’ve snoozed your way through your latest alarm, the one where you only get a one-minute shower and quick swipe of concealer before you need to literally run out the door. Well how about you skip the concealer and instead try following these cute, easy hairstyles for lazy days that’ll be sure to have everyone in the office fooled at your recently out-of-bed ways.

Dry shampoo is the DIY hair hack every lazy person should know! It’s perfect for when there’s barely time to brush your teeth, let alone wash your hair! Spray in sections underneath the top layers of your hair, massage in and leave for a minute, then brush out to remove any excess residue. Easy as!



Lazy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Don’t think you have to miss out on the fun styles because your hair is mid length instead of long. This is the perfect length for a chic, playful topknot to shine. The night before, loosely curl your hair with the Big Hair Soft Curls styler, then when you wake up, run your fingers through to loosen them. Brush hair half up, then secure the top half into a messy topknot. Off duty model style, nailed.



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Lazy Bun For All Hair

Ladies, take a note from the men and aim for the messy man bun for the ultimate lazy hair bun. When there’s no time for perfection, this will give you a polished but didn’t even try look. The lazy bun is so easy to do! It features in our easy hairstyles you can do at home blog post so we know you’ll be able to nail it!



Lazy Updos For Long Hair

If you’re lucky enough to have super long hair, be as smug as Rihanna and go for a sleek, low ponytail with a defined part like the one pictured. A quick once over with a straightening iron like the Digital Sensor Straightener will have your tresses looking extra polished.



Lazy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

When you’ve little to no time and you have curly hair, keep it simple and embrace your natural volume, or create more volume, simply follow these steps. Try using a hair dryer with a diffuser designed for curls like the Digital Sensor Dryer. Hair flip for extra kick - optional!



Here's our video on how to Diffuse Dry Hair Like a Boss.

How To Diffuse Hair For Frizz Free Curls | VS Sassoon


Lazy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can just fall out of bed looking fab. Opt for a deep side part and bobby pin any pieces at the back of your hair up, leaving the front to frame your face. Optional extra, use the Straight & Curl Brilliance to softly wave the front pieces.



Lazy Beach Hair

If you have medium to long hair, go for a beach wave look using the 38mm Ceramic Curler to be as effortlessly “I woke up like this” cool as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are pictured.



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Lazy but Girly Hair

One of the quickest ways to look like you’ve tried to “do a look” for the office is to put your hair in a low pony with a middle part for a clean look, yet keep things girly with a ribbon that matches your outfit of choice. Bonus time? Straighten using the Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush.This stunning look features in our 11 gorgeous ponytails that slay blog. 



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Lazy Hair Day but Date Night After Work

If you’re doing drinks or dinner straight from the office, go for a messy up-style like the one pictured. Keep the focus on framing your face with a side fringe and deep side part. Pin the back up with pins of your choice, then add some soft wave into the front pieces with the Elegance Salon Curls conical styler.



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Lazy High Pony

Hailey Bieber knows what’s hot with this trend setting style. Slick hair back with a brush, finish with hairspray and your favourite scrunchies or hair band of choice. The Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler brush can be used on the ends to tuck them under and give some movement. Hailey Bieber isn’t the only celeb who rocks a high pony, Kim Kardashian’s slick back ponytail is iconic and looks absolutely gorgeous. 



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Lazy Classic Updo

This messy, half up, half down style is a winner when you don’t want to look like you haven’t tried, but time isn’t your friend. Use a brush to put hair up into an imperfect, loose up style. Don’t forget to pull some pieces out around your face for softness.



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Lazy Ponytail

The standard pony is a fail-safe style for any hair long enough to tie up. This mid height pony can be roughly put up as you’re heading out the door, bonus that it works best on dirty hair too! Check out 5 hairstyles that will hide dirty hair while looking fabulous by Bonnie from Oz Beauty Expert. 

Image source: Pixabay

Still Feeling Lazy?

If you’re still feeling lazy, sit back, relax and binge on all our hair tutorials. Perhaps you’ll find one that looks doable for you at home gurl.
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