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03 August 2018

Kim Kardashian's Hairstyles - the Best and Worst

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Whether you love her, loathe her, or just secretly insta stalk her, Kim Kardashian West is one of the most iconic stars in the world today. Search Kim Kardashian hairstyles and you will find a vast array of the good, the bad and the plain right ridiculous. From her humble beginning as Paris Hilton’s assistant, to her superstar power coupling with Kanye West, there has never been a better time than now to get some Kim Kardashian hair inspiration in your life. 

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate hair colour chameleon. She goes from a long dark mane to platinum lob tresses as often as most girls do a leave in treatment. She even had a brief flirtation with pink and rocked wintery blue strands. 

Keep reading to see some highlights, lowlights and learn how to achieve these winning looks at home. 

The Winners:

The Not So Hot:

The OTT Looks:

Kim Kardashian's Best Hairstyles

1. The Sleek High Ponytail

Bad hair days, we all have them. But on those days, Kim loves to do her iconic Kim Kardashian ponytail. A sleek high pony that gives you an effortless look and works with anything from sport luxe to after work drinks. 

Even better, it’s great on second day, lifeless locks. Make the look professional by straightening your hair first with our award-winning Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush, then smoothing it with the brush into a high pony. Keep one piece of hair out to wrap around the hair tie, then secure with a bobby pin. Yass girlfriend.


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2. The Long Platinum Blonde Locks

Another favourite look would have to be Kim Kardashian’s platinum blonde, waist skimming strands she sported recently.The key to making this glam is to keep your hair in pristine condition, treat yourself to regular overnight masques and style with a centre part. Try the VS Sassoon Keratin Protect Straightener to give your hair maximum protection while you get that poker straight look. 


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3. The Ash Blonde Lob

We loved Kim Kardashian’s ash blonde blunt lob. It oozes class and elegance and is a much easier way to maintain healthy hair when its super blonde. Short hair doesn’t need to be monotonous, mix your look up with a VS ceramic curling wand, available in 38mm, 25mm and 19mm sizes depending on your hair length and thickness. Switch between straight and smooth one day, wavy the next. 


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4. The Signature Kim Kardashian Waves

Her signature look consists of long, tousled waves, whether blonde or dark, they give a sexy bedroom hair vibe whenever they are flaunted. The easiest way to get this look at home is with the VS Sassoon Smooth & Wave. For less curl and more wave, just run your fingers through each section to loosen. 

Work it girl.


Kim Kardashian’s Not So Hot Looks



1. Kim Kardashian’s Pink Hair

The Kim Kardashian part in middle, hot pink with deliberate regrowth was not one of our faves. While it was definitely a different look for the star, we much prefer her dark tousled waves or icy blonde poker straight styles. 


2. The Baby Blue Kim Kardashian Lob

All blue everything. The blonde lob got another colour change with baby blue hair for a short time, often teamed with ‘smurf like’ blue attire to match. While fun for a special occasion, trying to match blue hair to an outfit is definitely not easy, as Kim K found out. 


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The OTT Kim K Looks

1. Kim Kardashian’s Wet Hair Look

Platinum hair is already a statement look when you are naturally a dark brunette. This look oozes sex appeal, but should come with a warning that it’s not for wallflowers.

 If you’re keen to try it: 

  1. Wave your hair with the Big Hair Soft Curls wand, which is great for long hair. Don’t use it to the root of your hair, only where you want the waves to start. 
  2. When done, run your fingers through the hair to loosen the wave, then finish with a wet look gel or spray. 


2. The Indigo Blue Look

What could be more OTT than Kim Kardashian’s hair colour that she recently had, her indigo blue black look? While not subtle in a 9-5 office role, Kim makes it look not only wearable but covetable and dare we say it, chic. 


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Achieve Kim Kardashian worthy hair at home!

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