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26 April 2019

How to Tame Frizzy Hair into Smooth Hairstyles to Die For

Your alarm wakes you and you jump out of bed ready to start your day. You bound into the bathroom towards the mirror and then….




The frizz bomb has hit! You’d rather shrink back under your bed covers than face the world because ain’t nobody going to see this frizzy mop but alas…. #FOMO! Frizz can be the enemy of all of us, it’s especially unruly for our curly girls and if it’s humid outside? Watch out! 



So what’s a girl to do? We’re here to help banish frizz and get the enemy under control so you can tame your locks into cool-girl smoothness. Be it flawless, smooth straight hairstyles like Kim Kardashian or silky, frizz-free curls like our gal Blake Lively our hair tutorial will help you fight back using the latest anti-frizz styling tools.



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Want to know the best products to banish frizzy hair? Watch on while VS Sassoon Stylist Rob Reeves and the frizzy haired (but oh-so gorgeous) Lihini dismiss frizz and tames it for good!


How to Banish Frizz with the Straight & Curl Brilliance

Our do-it-yourself hair tutorials are a quick way to see how easy it is to get yo fro under control. Our step-by-step guide gives you even more help, so watch, read and learn!

Rob’s Tip: Glide your styler through the hair but go slow, you only need one pass to maintain shiny, healthy hair. You can check this out at 0:44. And to create curls or soft waves you can use the contoured, copper housing to do this, watch it at 0:56.


How To Use the Straight & Curl Brilliance | VS Sassoon



Step-by-Step Tips on How to Style Frizzy Hair


How to Straighten Your Frizz into Smooth Locks

1. Ensure your hair is dry and divide into three sections.


2. Select the right temperature for your hair type and position the straightener on the first section. Glide through the hair, you only need one pass.

PRO TIP: Use a straightener with anti-frizz ionic conditioning technology for the ultimate smooth results.


3. Continue this straightening technique through the sections.


4. Continue through the top section until all hair is straightened.


And that's how your use the Straight & Curl Brilliance to tame your frizz for a smooth, flawless straight finish. 


How to Create Smooth, Frizz Free Curls

You can use the Straight & Curl Brilliance to create radiant, beautiful curls and waves by using the contoured outer housing of the styler. Simply follow these steps below:

1. Start with clean, dry hair and divide into 3 sections.


2. Place the styler into the hair and do a full turn. Turn the styler towards your head for curls to curl inwards. For curls that curl outwards, do a full turn away from your head.


3. Slide the straightener down the hair.


4. Release the straightener to reveal a gorgeous curl. 


5. Continue this technique through the mid-section and the top sections until all hair is curled.


6. Allow your hair to cool to set the curl then soften curls using your fingers.


And that's how you create frizz-free, smooth curls with the Straight & Curl Brilliance.


How Do I Get These Looks?

Wowed by these smooth and stylish looks already? Lihini used the anti-frizz powers of the VS Sassoon Straight & Curl Brilliance to create both styles.


Learn More About Frizz and How to Control it at Home

Now that we’ve armed you with the best styler to fight frizz there might be some of you who prefer to dry your hair. So if that’s you, then you can learn how to dry your hair without the frizz easily at home. 

Want more? If it’s time for you to get clued up on frizz then this blog post How To Fight The Frizz: Foolproof Tips from Hair Experts is a must read

If you love watching how to video tutorials then learn all about how to create easy hairstyles for yourself. And make sure you’re armed with the latest stylers, dryers and straighteners so you can create fabulous hair that you’ll want to flaunt all day long!

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Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team! X