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17 September 2019

How To Get Gorgeous Curly Hair with the Curl Secret Optimum

How do you get gorgeous curly hair? It’s suddenly gotten oh so easy, not to mention effortless with the Curl Secret Optimum!

The new Curl Secret Optimum is the only tool you need to create frizz free shiny curls, fast! The perfect tool to pop in your overnight bag for that sun soaked getaway or in your desk at work for those spontaneous day to night escapades.

It’s the ultimate hair tool for those not confident in their curling tong skills, or who are sick of carting their hair appliance wardrobe around on the off chance they need to suddenly get dressed up.

The Curl Secret Optimum works by selecting from three automatic curl choices; Natural, Sophisticated or Romantic. There’s also an option to manually adjust if you want something in between those options. 


Get To Know the Curl Secret Optimum

With three different types of curls to choose from, discover the curl setting you'll love so you get your desired perfect curl every time.

Get To Know: The Curl Secret Optimum | VS Sassoon


Natural Curls

To achieve a soft, relaxed curl, use the Curl Secret Optimum on the pre-set natural curl setting. This look gives you a flattering simple curl that’s perfect for lunch with your besties, school or work.  Use the Curl Secret Optimum at 180 degrees for 8 seconds.


Sophisticated Curls

If you‘d like more defined, effortless curls, the pre-set sophisticated curl setting is ideal for you. This curl setting gives you a glamorous, polished look you can rock on a night out. To get this look, use the setting of 200 degrees at 10 seconds.


Romantic Curls

The pre-set romantic curl setting is the tightest, most polished setting on the Curl Secret Optimum. Get sophisticated, voluminous curls ideal to impress at any special event. Use the Curl Secret Optimum at 230 degrees for 12 seconds.


Insider Tips for Curly Hairstyles

From long lasting curls to hair that doesn’t hold curls, we’ve got all the tips below to make sure your curls are killer!


Long Lasting Curls



Everyone wants long lasting curls and the key is all in the preparation. Curls stay in best in second day hair rather than freshly washed. You can also add some dry shampoo in at the roots to soak up any excess oil so the curls hold for longer. 

To get Carrie Bradshaw’s signature mane, invest in high quality hair tools such as the Curl Secret Optimum. When it comes to creating a gorgeous curl, it’s all about the quality of the tool you’re using. A high quality tool makes achieving curls such as these practically fool proof. 

Thin, Fine Hair with Curls



Just because you have fine, thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t experience the luxuriousness of a full head of soft curls. Use a light shampoo and conditioner designed for volume, only putting the conditioner on the ends of your hair. Blow dry hair upside down with the 5Q Brilliance Hair Dryer for extra body. Use a good setting spray designed for curls while curling on the Sophisticated setting of the Curl Secret Optimum. Finish with a generous amount of hairspray and resist the urge to touch your hair like Miranda to make curl last the whole night!


Curls for Hair That Doesn't Hold Curls



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To achieve this wavy texture on straight hair, here’s some easy steps. 
•    Apply a volumizing product then rough dry the hair until it’s completely dry. 
•    Add some random waves with the Natural setting on the Curl Secret Optimum
•    Add hair powder into your roots for fullness and to soak up any extra oil
•    Finish with an extra hold hairspray all over to ensure your curls will hold. 


Frizz Free Curls

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The trick to frizz free curls is when towel drying use a micro fibre towel and only gently pat dry until about 50-60% dry. DO NOT rough or vigorously rub the hair, as this will create more frizz. Or just let your hair air dry before using a diffuser on a dryer like the one on the Digital Sensor Dryer. 

Don’t brush your curls, instead use a wide tooth comb. Use a deep conditioning treatment and comb through before rinsing, then add a curl cream or hair oil to damp hair. To create more definition and eliminate frizz, use the Curl Secret Optimum. 


Curls That Last Until the Morning After



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For this bedhead morning-after look, start by curling the hair the night before more than you would normally. First blow dry all over with a mousse to add volume, then pick the Romantic setting on the Curl Secret optimum and curl hair all over, finishing with hairspray. The next morning run your fingers through to separate, then add salt water spray and scrunch in to pump up curls to achieve a stylish, messy hair look. 


Our Final Tips for Curly Hair!

  1. To make your curls last longer and maintain them be sure to invest in quality hair tools! Good quality tools will help protect your hair while heat styling. Let your hair cool down after styling before touching it and spray with hairspray to finish. 
  2. A common question surrounding curls is the debate on whether it’s better to cut hair wet or dry. That really depends on whether you switch between wearing your hair curly or straight, or you’re primarily a curly hair girl. If you like to mix it up, definitely stick to a wet cut. If you’re wanting to enhance your curls though, a dry cut can be an eye opener. Just make sure to pick a hairdresser very skilled at dry cuts as curl pattern can differ dramatically and can have a life of their own.
  3. Sleeping with wet curly hair is somewhat of a gamble, but if you’re going to do it make sure to put in leave in conditioning products to help eliminate frizz. It’s also a good idea to put it up in a bun with a scrunchie that won’t leave kinks in the hair. 


Create Killer Curls at Home



To make sure your hair is truly on fleek (not like above haha) then definitely get your hands on the latest Curl Secret Optimum. For more tips and tricks on how to use the Curl Secret Optimum, check out Oz Beauty Expert’s review



Don’t forget to grab your staple hair dryer to compliment your stylers and straighteners. And while you’re at it definitely head here to join our VIP crew and never miss our promos or comps ever again!

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