How to dry curly hair
30 January 2019

How To Diffuse Dry Curly Hair Like a Boss

As a little girl, our natural curls are cooed over. As a teenager and into womanhood our curls become the pain of our existence! At VS HQ we love celebrating curls and if you’re a naturally curly girl please DO NOT just head to your straightener for an easy styling option. 

Enhance your natural curls by starting with a diffuse dry! Ah, what we hear you say? You know that round attachment on your hair dryer that looks like a bowl with spikes poking out? Well yes, honey that is your diffuser and if you have natural curls you really need to know how to use it the right way. 

Let’s dry them correctly so your beautiful locks don’t turn into a frightful frizz ball!  






In this tutorial VS Sassoon Stylist Rob Reeves and the curly haired Carolina, share how to use a diffuser to enhance and celebrate those natural curls and create a tousled style.


How To Diffuse Hair For Frizz Free Curls | VS Sassoon



How To Use a Diffuser to Enhance Natural Curls Step-by-Step


Here’s our quick guide to curly girl greatness with all the detailed steps below. 



1. To enhance natural curls for a tousled look, section into 2 sections, top and base. Attach the diffuser and select low airflow setting. High airflow will be too strong for curls.

Rob’s Tip: When drying curls you can create more definition by twisting each curl before you dry it. Check it out at 0:10.


2.  Tilt from side to side cupping sections of your hair into the diffuser moving towards and away from the head. For extra volume flip your head upside down and focus on drying the roots.


3. Once you’ve dried the base section, release the top and continue with the same drying process.


4. To add style to the front, use fingers to dry and smooth.


And that’s how you nail a diffuser dry for curly hair without frizz!


How Do I Get This Look?


Carolina used the Digital Sensor Hairdryer and diffuser attachment from the Digital Sensor Range to dry, style, enhance and add volume to her curls.

You can leave it out or add a headband or bandana to finish the look. Try experimenting with different hair accessories to match your personal style and to show off your beautiful curls!


Style Your Hair At Home Like a Boss

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