how to curl with a straightener
22 December 2017

How to Curl Using A Straightener by Oz Beauty Expert

In this video tutorial Bonnie G from Oz Beauty Expert outlines the steps to using a straightener to curl your hair. It’s easier than you think to achieve glossy curls that hold and Bonnie shows us 3 different looks for this style.


Learn how to create gorgeous curls using a straightener with Oz Beauty Expert


Get Silky Curls With A Straightener

You can achieve fantastic curls using a straightener. No need having to own so many different hot tools when you can multitask with the one tool to get the perfect curls.

Bonnie prepares the hair at 00:33 by brushing through to remove the knots. She uses a styling mousse for extra hold and uses a hair dryer to set the mousse in.

Top tip: Remember it’s important to use the right heating setting that suits your hair type but also the style that you are after. Bonnie uses the intense setting because it sets the curls better.

Take a section of hair and put your straightener in. Bonnie suggests curling small sections of hair for tighter curls that last. Glide the section of hair through by turning the section away from the face, see how at 02:07.

For pieces at the front of your hair, curl away from the face for a more stylish finish.


Different ways to wear your curls

You can leave it out curly or to create a glam look for evening, pin and sweep the hair to one side. This is shown at 2:33.

For a bouncier wave shown at 2:55, brush out your curls and this will give you a beautiful voluminous look.

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How Do I Get That Look?

You can use any straighteners that have a curved edge to create these curls like the Diamond Shine Straightener that Bonnie uses or the 3Q Digital Straightener.

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