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04 July 2018

How To Curl For Short, Medium and Long Hair

There’s no doubt that curls look AH-MAZING  on short, medium or long hair! Especially on the gorgeous Bonnie Gilles! But curling hair of different lengths doesn’t always work the same way. The good news is, getting your curls perfectly done doesn’t have to be a stress once you get the technique down pat. In no time you’ll rock at styling your hair yourself and sizzle on special occasions or even for an everyday look.

In today’s post we show you how easy it is to curl short, medium or long hair and include tutorials by one of our favourite beauty bloggers, Bonnie Gilles of Oz Beauty Expert (fan girling, ALWAYS). Bonnie shows the effect of using a straightnener and different barrel sizes on her hair and why size does matter! #WinkWink 


How to Curl Short Hair

Is your hair length from the middle of your neck down to your shoulders? Then, girlfriend, you’re in the short hair length category.

Miss having those beautiful curls when you had longer hair? You can still achieve that look with short hair and better yet your shorter length will make it appear more voluminous. To achieve super cute, tight defined curls on short hair we recommend using a 19mm barrel tong.

Here are the steps on how to curl your short hair:

  1. Start with freshly washed damp hair.
  2. Apply a golf-ball sized amount of hair styling mousse to the roots of your hair. A great tip is to flip your hair upside down and massage the mousse into your roots. Then start spreading the product to the ends.
  3. Use a blow dryer and dry your hair until it’s completely dry. Flip your hair upside down again to ensure you get maximum volume in the roots. Pro tip: Use a dryer that has a digital sensor to maintain optimal temperature to the locks. This will ensure that the heat is distributed at the right temperature to prevent any damage to the hair fibres. 
  4. Start sectioning your hair into three main sections. Clip the top two sections with a hair clip.
  5. Using a 19mm curling iron (with a clip), set the correct temperature for your hair type and start taking the first section closest to your face.
  6. Open the clamp and 2 -3cm down from the root , wrap the section of hair around the curling iron (like a ribbon) leaving 1.5cm of the ends outside of the clamp.
  7. Hold in the hair for 4-5 seconds.
  8. Take the next section and this time curl in the other direction. You will be doing alternate directions so that the curls appear natural and this will also give you volume.
  9. Complete the rest of the bottom and middle sections that you have clipped back.
  10. For the top section, curl your bangs last.
  11. Set the curls by waiting for them to cool completely.
  12. Flip your hair upside down and start brushing through your curls until you get the desired look you want and set with a fleible hold hairspray.

See how Bonnie’s hair looks using a 19mm curler. She uses it to create really tight, defined curls on her hair how cute is she?


How to Curl For Medium Length Hair


Medium length is hair that falls from your shoulders all the way down to just above your chest. This length of hair is a breeze to style and maintain. You can use a 25mm ceramic curler or you can easily curl your hair by using a straightener.  Either way, you’ll have curls like the girls on the Victoria Secret runway in no time! HAWT!

Here we show you how to use a straightener on medium length hair for beautiful curls that can be brushed out into WOW waves. Two looks, one tool, you can’t go wrong!

Here’s how to achieve curls for medium length hair:

  1. Start with freshly washed, dried hair. If you have curly or frizzy hair, make sure to smooth your hair by doing a blow out
  2. Section your hair into three sections and clip the top two sections of hair out of the way so you can curl your hair.
  3. Set the right temperature on your straightener for your hair type. Take one section and angle the straightener in a diagonal position. 
  4. Wrap it around the section of your hair and slide it down gently. This will give you a relaxed curl.
  5. You can choose to curl in the same direction away from the face or alternative directions to get a more natural and effortless look.
  6. Allow the curls to cool  and brush out your curls using your fingers.
  7. Set with a strong, flexible hairspray.

Bonnie shows us here how easy curling with straightener can be. At 2:54 you can see how she turns it into a glam wave by simply brushing it out. #winning

Learn how to create gorgeous curls using a straightener with Oz Beauty Expert


How to Curl For Long Hair 

Long hair doesn’t have to be a challenge to curl! You can definitely achieve relaxed sultry waves when you use the right techniques. 

To turn up the sizzle factor in this step-by-step tutorial we recommend to use a large 38mm barrel curling wand or tong, and bobby pins to pin the curls while they cool down.

Here’s how to get beautiful, relaxed waves for long length hair:

  1. Start with 2nd day old hair so that your hair has a bit of texture to work with.
  2. Separate your hair into three different sections. It’s easier to start with the bottom section from below the ear and then making your way up to the top section.
  3. Set the temperature on your barrel that suits your hair type. 
  4. Starting with the bottom section, take a 2-3 cm wide section of hair and start wrapping it around the curling barrel. Heat for 5-10 seconds depending on your hair type. 
  5. Release the curl into the palm of your hand not letting it unravel. While the curl is still hot pin this curl to let it set and cool (this would be similar to leaving it in a hot roller).
  6. Repeat steps 4-7 for the rest of the hair.
  7. Once you’ve finished, your hair should all be in pins with curls still holding its shape. Let the curls fully cool before taking the bobby pins out.
  8. Take the bobby pins out and let the curls unravel.
  9. Brush through the curls to separate them.
  10. Once you get the desired style you’re going for, you will be left with soft, voluminous curls. 

We’re totally crushing on Bonnie as she shows us here how easy it is to create curls on her long hair using the 19mm, 25mm and 38mm curler showing that size really does matter!

Which curling tong is right for you?


Achieve your best curls yet!

Curling hair doesn’t have to be difficult so we’ve got plenty of other curling hair tutorials that you can try to help you nail your  technique. Our favourite is using our automatic curling styler!

Now that you’re set to become a rockstar at the art of curling your hair, we have a range of different stylers, dryers & straighteners to give you the ultimate styling experience, all from your own abode! 

Along with our high salon-quality products, you can learn new techniques and ways to style your locks with our blog. Read for more hair styling tips, hair trends and hair tutorials!

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