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25 February 2019

The Hottest Scrunchie Hairstyles to Wear This Weekend

We cannot ignore the elephant in the room any longer! It’s time to really ask ourselves one important question; “Are scrunchies back?” In their hey-day, velvet, satin and even tartan scrunchies were the ‘in’ thing to wear at school. Forget Apple watches, 90’s scrunchie hairstyles said you were indeed ‘too cool for school’.  

As any “Sex and the City” fan would remember, Carrie Bradshaw, slaughtered bae Jack Berger’s novel, which featured a NYC girl rocking the look. “No woman would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!” Look around now though ladies, and you’ll see that women will not only be seen at restaurants wearing scrunchies but for date nights and red carpet events too! 

Insta feeds today are rife with celebrities flaunting this winning look. The key to getting this trend right is to invest in a modern version of the scrunchie, which now comes in a wide range of colours, fabrics and widths. 

Silk brands even sell slim pure silk ones, and high-end designers are selling leather branded scrunchies for hundreds of dollars. Scroll down for tips on how to wear them and experiment with your favourite this weekend!

The Ultimate Cheerleader Scrunchie Style

For the ultimate cheerleader-inspired style, go for a sporty looking high pony with hairspray for a clean finish. To make it extra bouncy, be sure to curl the ends of your hair with the 25mm Ceramic Curler.




Low Pony Scrunchie Look

Make your scrunchie the feature with this look, this is all about natural hair, with a few pieces naturally falling out in a low pony, with a bright or patterned scrunchie to finish. Freshly wash your hair and finish with the 3Q Brushless Digital Dryer.



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The Multi Scrunchie Look for Long Hair

One for the long-haired or blessed with extensions girls, just pick 3 scrunchies in different tones of the same shade, for a statement look that will definitely turn heads.  

To make sure you get enough volume in your hair, blow dry with the Digital Sensor Dryer first. 

After you’ve secured the scrunchies down your hair, gently pull out each section, then spritz with a light hairspray to finish. Voila! 



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The 90's Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

For full 90’s vibes, go for a half up, half down style, with a high loose bun and scrunchie wrapped around the bun to finish. Don’t forget to loosely curl the ends of your hair for a girl next door look. Try the Big Hair Soft Curls styler.



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Voluminous Low Pony, Perfect for Work

This style is a great one for wearing to the office, it’s modern and can definitely take you from the desk, to dinner straight from work. While it appears to be just a low pony, the key to giving it oomph is to put some hot rollers in your hair. It’s perfect to leave on in the morning when you‘re doing your makeup. 

The Ultimate Salon Setter will have you more than covered. Once curls are cooled, brush hair into a low pony, trying to avoid brushing out the bottom curls. 



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A Sexy Glam Scrunchie Look for a Night Out

For a night out with the girls, only a glam scrunchie look will suffice. This look is all about a sexy scrunchie style (the two can co-exist!) 

Section your hair and add curls with the 38mm Ceramic Curler. Once cool, brush out gently using a boar bristle brush for extra shine. Pick a metallic gold or copper scrunchie that matches your outfit, then secure hair into a ponytail.



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A Block Scrunchie for an Effortless Look

This style is perfect for that “I woke up like this” look, when you want to look like your hair just falls into place naturally. 

Run the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler over your hair, treating it as you would a round brush (this go-to styling tools means you can blow dry and style at the same time), to create some extra volume and movement. 

Pick a wide scrunchie, in a block colour, then brush hair into a half up, half down style. 



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Scrunchies & Braids for a Cool Girl Look

There's nothing better than a casual braid for a weekend hang with your gals. Simply do an upside down braid into a top knot and finish it with a denim scrunchie for that cool girl vibe. Psst! We love double denim so why not team it with your denim jacket! And yes, we wear scrunchies around our wrists too for that just in case moment!

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Scrunchies for Men: It's a Thing!

Not just for the girls, men and even superheroes are jumping onboard the scrunchie bandwagon, in their search for the perfect solution to keep hair out of their eyes. 



Scrunchies are back baby! Prep your hair with our VS Sassoon styling tools for the ultimate look!

And that’s a wrap! We definitely agree scrunchie’s are back, and just like Hailey Baldwin - cheers to that!



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