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10 December 2018

Hair Trends 2019: What's Hot & What's Not

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And just like that, 2019 is right around the corner! Over the past year we’ve watched Rose Byrne and Leighton Meester go from brunettes to ultra blonde, Jessica Biel sport this year’s best bangs, Bella Hadid bring back 90s hair accessories and Ariana Grande chop off her famous ponytail for a classy lob! What does 2019 have in store?

It’s time to say goodbye to balayage, boxer braids and big curls. In 2019 we’re expecting the 90’s look to continue with more revivals set to take off including a throwback to long 60’s inspired fringes and shaggy wash and wear 70’s-inspired styles. The effortless ‘cool girl’ look will see a move away from ‘pageant style’ hair and towards softer, more effortless looks. 

As always, celebrities lead the pack in showcasing the best hair trends. The ones to watch in 2019 will be Dua Lipa with her SUPER fresh bob, Bella Hadid’s accessories game and for the timeless classics, keep an eye out for Meghan Markle. We spoke to VS Sassoon hair expert Michael Brown to see what the hottest trends for 2019 will be, and how to create them. 

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Michael Brown's 2019 Top 3 Hair Trend Predictions

With 2019 coming upon us, expect big changes with hair trends! In the new year, we’re going to see more women chopping their hair shorter, opting for a more natural soft curl and also making the health of their hair a priority. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into each of Michael’s top 3 hair predictions to learn more why they’ll be a big trend in the new year!

#1 The Shorter Chop



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Short hairstyles for women have been popular throughout this year and we will continue to see ‘the chop’ in 2019. Whether you opt for the choppy crop, the lob (long bob) or proper bob haircut, this style is the way to go for those wanting to stay cool and ooze sex appeal. 

“We are seeing more celebs taking the chop,” says Michael. “The lob and even shorter for some will still be a hit in 2019 as it creates so much lift to the face, plus versatility in styling”. 

Michael recommends looking to Jesinta Franklin and Lara Worthington for inspiration. According to the hair guru, using the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler can add versatility to your bob. Use the tool to achieve tousled movement, change up hair parts, to slick the hair or to simply smooth. 


#2 Soft, Effortless Curls

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Going into 2019, effortless styles are going to be a hot hit. Rather than perfect, tight curls, think modern, edgy and chic when adding curls to your hair. Softer, less defined looks with added movement, is much more on trend for 2019. Winning! 

 “The pageant hair look is done – use a larger barrel curling wand to curl the hair, and brush curls out after setting to give an effortless, cool-girl edge,” said Michael. 

Michael’s go-to is the VS Sassoon 38mm Ceramic Curler, which he uses to add movement rather than tight curls. He suggests adding some dry wax or texture spray to de-fluff hair, followed by hairspray. You’ll be able to run your hands through your hair all day to change up the part line easily. 


#3 A Focus on Hair Health

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Whether you go for long or short, dyed or natural, the focus will be on hair health in 2019. While we may still be seeing messy, bedhead hair on some runways, in real life it’s all about smoothing the locks first.

According to Michael Brown, “It’s all about modern movement and texture with hair, but now more than ever, the quality of hair is vital”. He suggests smoothing the hair using the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler which is designed with a smart sensor that maintains a uniform and constant hair safe temperature of 70°C to protect against hair damage. Use the hot air styler with the larger barrel curler to add bends and movement in a very natural way. 

For inspiration, look to Megan Gale and Olivia Munn, who both show this look very well. 


Tying the Knot in 2019?





Princess-like up-dos are becoming a less requested look for brides, with many loving the idea of relaxed hair for their wedding hairstyles. Michael predicts that 2019 will see fewer brides opting for slicked-back hair, with the focus being on more comfortable and relaxed, yet chic, styles. The new year will see brides wearing hair away from the face in un-structured buns, soft pulled apart braids or chic low ponytails.

“Your face shape has a lot to do with chosen hairstyles”, says Michael, as “some may want to cover high foreheads, or accentuate cheekbones by adding waves at the cheekbone line”. 

Wearing hair down tends to look more casual, and can be harder to manage throughout the day, so brides are beginning to opt for the messy, pulled back textured pony. Another popular style is the use of fringes or layers to create a soft appearance to the front of the face. 


Get The 2019 Look: Healthy, yet Un-structured Textured Curls



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We asked Michael Brown his favourite look prediction for 2019 and what he can’t wait to start styling on his clients. 

“My favourite hair for 2019 is one that looks healthy, yet un-structured”, said Michael. Michael created this stunning look for Sofia Richie on her recent trip to Sydney and says it’s easy to recreate at home. 

Here’s how to recreate Sofia Richie’s un-structured textured curls:

  1. “Any time I work on hair, I use the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler to smooth hair and create a silk effect, especially if the hair has a tendency to frizz easily. Its quick, easy and creates healthy hair as my perfect base”. 
  2. To add a little grip, Michael sprays some dry shampoo lightly through the hair to reduce oil. He then takes large sections of hair and uses the VS Sassoon 38mm Ceramic Curler to create natural, soft curls. 
  3. “I take larger sections and always curl away from the face for volume, making sure the tip of the curler is pointing down to the floor”. Michael recommends concentrating on the front and sides of the head rather than underneath in order to keep the length. 
  4. For an edgier finish, Michael suggests leaving the ends out while curling and avoiding the use of dry texture sprays, which weigh down the hair. To finish off the look, Michael uses a wide-finger comb to separate the curls. 



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