How to curl hair with hair rollers
24 October 2018

Get a Glamazon Look this NYE Using Hair Rollers

We’re all about the parties for the silly season and New Years Eve hair must be big, bold and beautiful to really make a grand entrance. Hair rollers aren’t just for short, pin curls that our Grandma wears (and girl, don’t they rock it)!? Hair rollers are perfect to create curls, wave styles, hairstyles on long hair, and adding voluptuous volume to your locks. With this in mind, we’re vibing that the perfect way to bring in the new year is with a glamazon look using heated rollers.



Hot rollers are a great curling tool, they're convenient and save you time, once you get the technique down pat. While your hot rollers are cooling off you can finish getting ready like doing your makeup and gathering your gorgeous outfit together! In this video we show you how to curl hair with hot rollers so you can walk into the new year feeling on top of the world with your voluminous mane. 


How To Use Heated Hair Rollers To Get Long Lasting Volume | VS Sassoon


How to Use Hair Rollers

Here’s our quick reference guide you can use for later and down below, are all the steps with full deets!



  1. Preheat your hair rollers according to the instructions until they are at full heat.
  2. Working front to back take sections approximately the width and depth of the roller.


2. Hold the roller at the end of the section and roll down towards the head. Use the clip or pin supplied to secure the roller into place.


3. Hold the roller at the end of the section and roll up towards the scalp. Use the clip or pin supplied to secure the roller into place. Repeat until all hair is rolled up. 


4. Allow the rollers to cool, then remove them. The cooler the hair is when rollers are removed the longer your volume and curls will last.


And that’s how to create a glamazon look for New Years Eve using hair rollers!


How Do I Get This Look?

Intrigued? You can definitely achieve this look at home yourself! Kimberley is using the VS Sassoon Ultimate Salon Setter

Don’t forget to set your beautiful curls with a light mist of hairspray so that your style holds all night long. That way you can welcome the new year in with fabulous hair!

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