How to Get Wavy Hair
29 October 2019

Get Celeb Style Wavy Hair That Will Turn Heads This Summer

Flick through an almost extinct mag these days or stalk through a celebrities insta and you will notice one thing – your fave celeb girls usually have one thing in common. That covetable thing is a silky mane of hair, loose, perfectly formed waves blinding us time and time again with shine at red carpet events, how can this be you cry?! 

It may seem like celebs have that bedhead, “I woke up like this hair” naturally, but behind them is an army of professional hair tools and hair products for wavy hair. 
In this blog, we‘re going to let you in on the celebs secrets on how to get gorgeous wavy hair just in time for summer! We’ll show you how to get a stunning, wavy ponytail, how to create waves overnight with wet hair, how to get 3 types of waves; loose, undone and beach waves as well as 5 wavy hairstyles that will have you slaying. 

Get The Look: Wavy Ponytail



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Everyone is loving ponytails at the moment and they’re perfect for summer to keep your hair out of your face. Get celeb-style wavy hair looks with these super easy styling tips from our hair experts to re-create this hot style so many A-list celebrities like Khloe Kardashian are rocking at the moment. 

Get The Look: Wavy High Ponytail | VS Sassoon


How to Get Overight Waves with Wet Hair



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A wet hair look is so popular at the moment thanks to it’s edgy, flattering style. One way to get Miley’s too cool for school wet look waves is to wash and condition hair, then braid into equal sections while still wet and sleep in this style. The smaller the braid and section, the tighter the wave. Finish by spritzing on a sea salt spray for extra curl. 
Another option for a looser wave is to comb hair with fingers, then twist into a bun, securing with a hair tie and leave in while you sleep. In the morning, gently take hair out and spritz with more sea salt spray or use fingers to separate with a pomade or gel. This style looks tricky, but is so easy you can do at home and will have you standing out from the crowd at your next event. 


How to Create Loose Waves


There’s nothing quite as sexy and alluring as loose waves that look like you’ve done nothing but fall out of bed and not tried at all. Mila Kunis nails this trend with a middle parted, loose brushed out wave look. Check out our How-To guide for achieving a messy wave. Don’t forget to work in sections no bigger than 3cm. 


How to Create Undone Waves

Undone waves are so effortless, no-one will even know that it’s not your natural hair. This look is perfect for anything, whether it be work, a night out with your besties or as a wedding guest. Watch our guide to discover the tricks in achieving those effortlessly undone waves that celebs tend to favour.

Get To Know: The Keratin Protect Undone Waves | VS Sassoon


Beach Waves




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Instead of waiting for those beach days to roll around, why not do as Julianne Hough has here and opt for a messy beach bob? This look suits all hair lengths and gives any outfit a modern feel with its unkempt vibe. Use the Straight & Curl Brilliance in even sections through your hair. When cool, comb through and roughen up with fingers to loosen to the desired wave finish, then spray with sea salt spray and scrunch in. This will have you looking like a beautiful beach babe, without anyone having to know you created the waves yourself. 


Top 5 Wavy Hairstyles

We love wavy hairstyles so much we’ve put together our top 5 wavy styles that we’re sure you’ll love as well! 

1. Side Swept Soft Waves



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If you work in a corporate environment, take your inspo from the lovely Samantha Armytage. Ask your hairdresser for a lob (long bob) and side swept fringe. To style, arm yourself with a round brush and the Frizz Defense AC Salon Dryer, brushing up and underneath the hair in horizontal sections for extra volume. On the ends, use the round brush to wind up to mid lengths of hair, dry and then blast with the cold shot. Complete with a side part and hairspray for extra hold, sweeping the fringe seductively over one eye. 

2. Wavy Upstyle


If your workplace is less newsreader and more fashion in dress code, this wavy upstyle is perfect. Do as Millie Bobby Brown does and blow dry hair smooth with the Frizz Defense AC Salon Dryer, then brush hair up into a high bun, being sure to leave a long fringe with two tendrils out to frame your face. Wave those pieces with the Keratin Protect Undone Waves for a soft finish, then add a modern element by leaving the ends of the bun untucked for this fashionable look. 


3. Half Up Loose Waves



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If you have long, chocolate coloured thick locks like Angelina Jolie, count yourself very blessed by the hair gods. To get the look here, try using the Frizz Defense Rotating Hot Air Styler down the mid lengths to ends of your hair for extra wave. Loosen lightly with fingers through the ends, and secure the mid top section back with some bobby pins. Watch our tutorial below to find out how to use this easy, fast tool! 

Get To Know The Frizz Defense Hot Air Styler | VS Sassoon


4. Old Hollywood Waves 



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This glam look is perfect for the races or another event when you want smooth, defined waves. Part hair into a deep side part, then get your hot little hands on the Keratin Protect Undone Waves and work in small sections down the hair. When done, use a paddle brush and brush the curls out into mermaid like waves and accessorise. Spritz with shine spray for that extra glow.


5. Romantic Waves



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This romantic, volume heavy wave that Sam Frost sports here is easily achieved with the new Curl Secret Optimum Styler. You can select from 3 different curl options (we suggest the Natural setting for this look) and the tool does all the hard work for you! Learn more here.


Get Your Favourtie Celeb Hair At Home

Who knew getting a red carpet worthy, wavy hairstyle look could be so easy! To get these looks it is important you are using high quality tools, so make sure you check out our styler range for all your needs. 

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Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team! x