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14 January 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Curlers

One of the big questions we get asked all the time is ‘How can I achieve professional-looking curls at home?’ so we thought as it's party season and we ought to bring you up to speed fast with some help from VS Sassoon stylist Rob Reeves. 

Achieving professional style curls at home has never been easier. In this blog we show you how to curl your hair using the following; automatic curlers, curlers with clips, conical curlers, heated rollers and using a straightener to curl. 

How To Curl Hair

“The most important thing before you start styling is to decide what kind of curls you want – romantic, beachy, big, tight or wavy,” explains Rob. “Once you have that down (and can I suggest you check out VS Sassoon’s curl tutorials for some inspo), then you just have to make sure you have the tools to make it happen.”

Here is a quick round up of the best curling tools out there, what they achieve and how to use them for the best results.


1. Automatic Curlers



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VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum on the natural setting.

Auto Curlers such as the VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum are ideal for those of you that need help with curling. They give you the option of creating a variety of frizz-free curls - natural, sophisticated or romantic - just choose what works for you - and then all you have to do is press a button. Yes, really. Well kinda’ but we promise it’s not much more complicated than that. Hair goes in, curl comes out! 

It’s really a matter of selecting the timer and heat setting for your hair (go low and quick for fine hair and higher and longer for thick hair) and the finished curl look you want to achieve. This tool is also great if you have frizzy hair or its humid outside as it comes with ionic conditioning – for those who don’t speak tech this means that it’s built with an ionic generator which produces millions of negatively charged ions which helps provides smoothness and shine to your curls. 

It’s always worth looking out for ionic conditioning when you’re making a purchase. In the meantime, read this blog post on the Curl Secret Optimum including a tutorial from Rob to learn how to use it to get a variety of fast and fabulous, not to mention, shiny curls using this tool. 


2. Curlers - with clips



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VS Sassoon 19mm Ceramic Curler

Everybody’s go-to curler is the trusty curler with a clip. “Again this tool requires minimum expertise. You do need to do some wrapping around the wand but the clip holds your hair in place while your curl is setting.  For more information and an easy to follow tutorial check out this blog which shows you how to curl your hair with a curling wand. Added bonus tip from Rob: “I suggest picking a curler with a ceramic finish as this will help you produce fast, nicely-formed curls while leaving your hair sh8iny and smooth,” said Rob.


3. Conical Curlers and Curlers without a Clip



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VS Sassoon Salon Curls Conical Curler

These require a bit more expertise as you need to wrap your hair around the wand without a clip to help hold your hair in place while you’re setting your curl but conical curlers are ideal if you want voluminous soft waves and curls. 

Other curlers without clips can vary from big barrel curling wands to achieve loose, relaxed curls to oval shaped curling irons for beautiful, beachy waves – choose whichever curl suits your style.

Rob has brought us up to speed on how to create these on-trend curls using the VS Sassoon Keratin Protect Big Curls:

VS Sassoon Keratin Protect Big Curls

Step 1. Before starting, ensure your hair is dry and divide it into 3 manageable sections.

Step 2. Hold the curler horizontally or vertically towards your head depending on the desired curl direction. Position the curler on the first section. 

Step 3. Using your other hand, wrap the hair section around the curler (away from your head) and hold in your hair for 5 -10 seconds, then release. You can use a regular curler like a wand too if you like for a more waved effect. Entirely up to you,” says Rob.

Step 4. Repeat on all sections until all your hair is curled. 


4. Heated Rollers



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VS Sassoon Total Protection Hot Rollers

How to use hot rollers?  This is another question we get asked often and really they couldn’t be easier to get the hang of. Again you have to section your hair (around 3cm per section) before rolling your sections around the roller starting from the top and then securing with a pin (or just pop them into place if you are using VS Sassoon’s Secret Curl Pop Up Rollers). If you have fragile hair, then we suggest using the VS Sassoon Total Protection Ceramic Intense Rollers. These soft-touch rollers provide even-heat distribution and are incredibly gentle on your hair. “And remember curlers are great not just for creating curls but for creating waves, volume and movement too, right from the roots,” says Rob.

5. Curls (and waves) with a Straightener



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Last but not least, don’t forget a straightener is great for creating curls and waves too on short hair, long hair and medium length hair. Check out this tutorial from OZ Beauty Expert to show you how easy it is to create curls using a straightener.


Some Last Quick Info on Curlers from Rob

1.    Is there an ideal setting for curlers?
Rob: No – because how hot you go depends on your hair. As mentioned above – the highest settings are for those of you with really thick hair.

2.    Can I use a curling iron on short hair?

Rob: If you have hair that’s not long enough to wrap around a wand or a roller then use a straightener to create shape and movement. If you have shoulder length or longer hair go for it. There are pin curls of course – something you might want to talk to a hairdresser about.

VS Sassoon Straight & Curl Brilliance

3.    What makes an expensive curler worth the money?

Rob: We touched on this in our straightening blog but basically if you opt for a curler with ionic technology it helps with the frizz –  so if you want frizz-free, shiny curls it’s worth the investment. This technology also helps to distribute heat better so ionic curlers – and there are a few versions of this technology -  are gentler on your hair and help tames the dreaded frizz!

4.    What are ceramic curlers that we hear so much about?

Rob: Ceramic is another technology worth the investment in my opinion. Ceramic is a clay composite material and basic coating on VS Sassoon dryers, stylers (including curlers) and straighteners. It creates far infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft and enables hair to more easily absorb heat.  It also ensures perfect heat transfer so its kinder to your hair and great for making curls. 

5.    Does the amount of your section affect the size of your curl?

Rob: Well that‘s part of it but the size of your wand or roller really affects the size of your curl. If you want big curls then go for a big barreled wand or roller. If want smaller curls then look for a smaller curler.

6.    What is Keratin Coating Technology? Is it new? 

Rob: Yes it’s a newer technology. You’ll find it a key feature of the VS Sassoon Undone Waves styler – check it out). Keratin is an additive that’s infused with Ceramic coating. Basically what it does is allow for a smooth glide when you’re styling, reducing snags and reducing damaging hot spots as it assists with even heat distribution. Plus it locks in shine and helps nourish your hair. 

7.    Why do some curlers such as the Salon Curls have Titanium Ceramic – what are the benefits? 

Rob: With Titanium Ceramic Technology heat is distributed evenly across the barrel, so with these stylers you get smooth, silky and kink-free natural curls and waves as easy as a flick of a wrist. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.


Choose the Perfect Curler for You

So there you have it – all the inspo and info on the tools you’ll need (and how to use them) to create perfect curls every single time. For more information about curls and how to achieve your desired type, check out our 7 Wonders of the Curl blog post. 

Discover our range of stylers and choose the curler that is right for your hair type and style. For more hair styling tools, check out our straighteners and dryers range. 

Stay up to date on the latest hair trends, hair styling, hair health and tutorials by visiting our blog. 

Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team x