Easy Halloween Hair and Halloween makeup
30 August 2018

Easy Halloween Hairstyles For Every Length

The spookiest night of the year is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to work out which party you're going to, stock up on pumpkins and most importantly get ready to dress to impress. 

Whether you are a seasoned pro at getting your Halloween look together, or a rookie who needs some help, our style guide will get your hair looking as sharp and scary as the rest of your look. 

We have focused on easy Halloween hairstyles for long hair, medium length hair and short hair, that won’t take you all night to do! 


Halloween Hairstyles for Long Hair


A Classic Halloween Crimped Hairstyle



Halloween is the perfect time to rock a crimped do with makeup to match. The bigger the better was the catchphrase of the 80’s, which this look is definitely inspired by. Crimped Halloween hair gives you the Tim Burton vibe that his character’s hair was iconic for. 

The steps to getting Halloween crimped hair:

  1. Get your hands on the Miss VS Total Crimp, section your hair into equal parts, then work the iron down your hair, until your whole head is crimped. 
  2. Tease the underneath layers of your hair to give it height, keeping the top section smooth and secure it into a half up, half down style. 
  3. Finish with hairspray and Halloween style makeup of your choice. 



Mermaid Hair for Halloween


Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

If you’re fortunate enough to have long, healthy hair, make the most of it and pair your costume with mermaid waves in pastel colours. This look is an outfit in itself, no one will be looking at anything but your fly hair! Think Ariel from The Little Mermaid, but the grown-up girl version.  

Steps to achieving beautiful mermaid hair for Halloween:

  1. Using a wave tool such as the VS Sassoon Smooth & Wave, create a centre part and section hair into small sections. Take care to wave each part in sections of the same thickness, approx. 1 inch in length.Not sure how to use an automatic curling tool?  Michelle Crossan shows us how in her easy-to-follow video tutorial.
  2. Once all the hair has been waved, let it cool, then using a boar bristle brush, brush over each section until the curls become more wave-like. 
  3. Another option is to finish with pastel coloured hair chalk, either all over the hair or just colour dip the ends. Increase shine with a glitter spray or serum. 


Halloween Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair


Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl



Queen B will eternally be a style queen and she is the perfect muse to inspire those stepping foot into Halloween for the first time. It’s a classic look, with Park Avenue princess hair being the key. 

To try the look at home, you will need:

  • A clip to section your hair into two parts
  • A curling wand
  • Hairspray 
  • A headband or tiara if you want to be more queen than princess. 

Here are the steps to get Blair Waldorf hair: 

  1. Section your hair into two parts. 
  2. Invest in the Big Hair Soft Curls, a large curling wand to get those soft curls. Wrap each section of hair around the wand until your whole head is curled. 
  3. Use your fingers to loosen curls to a wave and separate them once cool. Spray with hairspray from hold and finish with the accessory of your choice. 


If you love Blair's curls check out our tutorial on how to curl the right way!


How To Curl Hair With A Curling Wand | VS Sassoon



Betty From Riverdale



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Betty and Archie or Betty and Veronica? Whoever your favourite duo is, Betty from Riverdale is the perfect option for someone wanting to coordinate with their boy or bestie for Halloween. To get Betty’s look, it’s all about a high bouncy pony with buttery soft shine. 

For the ultimate Betty bouncy ponytail:

  1. Betty has that college girl preppy look down pat. To achieve this, make sure your hair is straight and smooth. Try the VS Sassoon 3Q Straightener to smooth and straighten all at once. 
  2. Use a dense brush and push all your hair back into a perky, high pony. 
  3. Finish with some shine spray, then secure with a clear elastic, or a once again trendy scrunchie.



Halloween Hairstyles for Short Hair


David Bowie


Always iconic, the late David Bowie’s hair is the perfect style for all the shorter haired girls to try out there. No need to cut your hair into a mullet, get this hot look by slicking back everything. One of his most stylish manes was the wet look with a straight back style with height at the crown.

How to get David Bowie’s hair to rock Halloween:

  1. The first step to getting this look is to invest in a great blow dryer like the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Dryer. Now it’s time to blow dry your hair. Dry all your strands straight back, using a round brush and lifting at the crown to get extra height. 
  2. When you are done, lightly tease the underneath layers of the hair at the crown to give more volume and a more mullet like appearance.
  3. Finish the look by getting a comb and wet look gel and comb it straight back, taking care not to squash that new height you just created. Complete with lightning bolt face paint and deadpan stare. 


This Year, Create Incredible Halloween Hair Easily At Home


This is your year to slay Halloween and win that costume competition! You can easily create these hairstyles at home using our variety of stylers, dryers and straighteners. All created with the ultimate hair protection and easier styling in mind, so you don’t need to spend so much or invest more time to get beautiful hair. 

For more ways to create salon-quality hair at home, check out our blog for hair trends, hair health content, video tutorials and hair styling tips.

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Love Your Style, the VS Sassoon Team. x