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30 July 2019

Easy Hairstyles for Thin or Thick Hair You Can Do at Home

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Everyone at one point or another has surely fantasised about waking up with head turning, Victoria’s Secret model hair, it represents femininity and just woke up like this sexiness all at once. But what if your hair is on the thin side instead of thick? Do you give up and accept defeat? No! There are just as many hairstyles for thin hair as there are hairstyles for thick hair. Read our guide to find out what hairstyles are best for your hair type and how to style them like a pro at home.


Super Easy Hairstyles for Thin Hair


Hairstyles for Fine, Thin, Short Hair

This style is perfect for fine haired girls, as it’s a textured bob that has a soft wave added in for a look that is all about volume. Ask your hairdresser for a bob with choppy layers cut in, then use the Big Hair Soft Curls to add some wave. Finish by brushing out so it’s loose and imperfect to get this gorgeous look.



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Easy Hairstyles for Thin, Long Hair

Work with your thin hair and accentuate it! This glam style is a play on the low pony, with metallic ties placed in sections down the hair to add extra finesse. The key to making it professional is to start with a smooth base using the Digital Sensor Straightener.



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Quick & Easy updos for Thin Hair

This up style is great for fine hair, as it looks classically elegant but is actually very easy to do. Straighten hair with the Straight & Curl Brilliance first for extra sleekness, then sweep up high on your head as though you were placing it in a pony but secure in a circular motion to make a stunning chignon. 



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Easy To Do Hairstyles for Thick Hair


Hairstyles for Long, Thick Hair

If you’re blessed with long thick hair, count yourself lucky and show off what you have! Nothing is more enviable than a thick, full mane of curls for that 90’s supermodel feel. To get the look, try using the Total Protection Heated Rollers then comb out using a wide tooth comb for a softer look.  



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Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

This is a fashion forward style for girls with thick, blunt cut bobs who want something to jazz it up. Get some clips like the ones pictured, we love the Scunci Snap Clips, and place them on one side as a feature to draw the eyes in. This works best with straight locks, try using the Luxe Straighten & Smooth first. 



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Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Medium length styles have the thickness to pull off straight styles with ease without fearing them falling flat. Try blow drying straight with the Venezia 2400 AC Professional Dryer and a round brush for extra lift. 



Hairstyles for Thick, Wavy Hair

If your hair is wavy and frizzy, try working with your natural fullness and texture. Use a mousse for added volume at the roots and a dryer with a diffuser attachment like the Digital Sensor Dryer.

Scrunch the waves in as you dry, you can also try sea salt spray to add more of a matt textured wave too



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Our Final Tips for Styling Thin and Thick Hair At Home


Tips for Thin Hair:

Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you have to settle for limp, lank tresses. The most important thing to do is get your haircut in a style that complements thinner strands. Medium or shorter styles work best as long hair that’s thin can easily look flat. Avoid all one length hair and instead get your haircut with choppy layers to add some texture. 

Make sure not to thin the ends out, choppy bluntness is what you want to ask for. If you are brave enough to go short, try a bob or pixie style, the shorter layers help to create height and make strands appear fuller, it works better on thin hair than any other type. 


Tips for Thick Hair:

Thick hair is always covetable, sure, it can take longer to style than fine haired strands but the payoff is worth it. The best styles for thick hair are generally shorter bobs with razor cut ends, or medium to long styles with long layers to make styling easier and reduce extra bulk. The lowest maintenance styles are actually those that are below the shoulders as the weight of thick hair when cut well holds styles better. 

Ask your hairdresser for internal layers to help take some of the thickness out and leave it sitting lighter and thinner. As a bonus, no other hair type can pull off a fringe quite like thick hair can, so play around with full or side swept bangs or just face framing layers. 

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Love Your Style, the VS Sassoon Team x