How to create beach waves
23 January 2019

The Easiest Beach Waves You'll Ever Create

Beach waves is a look that will never go out of style! Amazing loose waves are so good for office hair, weekend drinks and lunch dates with your girls. You can even pre-style your hair with beachy waves before you go to the beach because beach waves is a look lady - not something that happens while at the beach! 

We know you‘re a woman with limited time to transform your frazzled locks into something with style, but these relaxed, loose waves are so simple to do! Hit up our quick video tutorial on how to create this look faster than you can say “Which beach are we heading to today?”



Creating a wavy hairstyle with a curler is so easy to do, you’ll be miffed at why you haven’t tried it earlier! Below VS Sassoon Stylist Rob Reeves and the delightful Natalie show you how to create soft, beach waves with a curler.


How To Create Beachy Waves | VS Sassoon



How to Create Beach Waves With A Curling Tong Step-By-Step 

It’s a simple look but oh-so-stylish, here’s our quick guide to creating it with all the detailed steps below. 


1.   Start with clean, dry hair. Divide your hair into 3 manageable sections. Firstly, take a section from the temple on one side to the temple on the other side, twist and clip on top of the head. Next, take the section from the top of the ear to the top of other ear and secure with a clip. The hair left down at back is your first section. 



2. Hold the curler and take a section of hair and starting 2 -3 centimetres from the root, wrap it around the curler. Hold it in the hair for approximately 5 to 10 seconds depending on your hair type and condition, you can see this at 00:46.



3. Continue the same technique until every section has been curled.



4. Leave hair to cool, this will set the curl. Once the hair is cool gently run fingers through hair to soften and style the curl. 



And that's how you create beach waves with a curler, simple, fast, goregeous for that undone but totally styled look!



How Do I Get This Look?

Natalie used the VS Sassoon 38mm Big Hair Soft Curls to create this look. It’s a simple curler without a clamp, simply wrap and wave! 

To take this look further, use texture spray or sea salt spray on the ends and scrunch using fingers. This will create a messy, tousled look. Oh so beachy! Also, don’t forget to spray a light mist of hairspray to help hold your style all day long.




Get Beach Wave Ready Quickly At Home


It’s time to celebrate how easy those beach waves can be created! You can easily create different wavy hairstyles at home with our range of stylers and straighteners. Check out where you can purchase your own VS styling tool at your nearest stockists.

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Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team! x