How to Festival Hairstyle
12 December 2018

DIY Boho Festival Hair Tutorial with a Braid

It’s festival season! There’s nothing better than kicking back with good friends, basking in the sun, listening to banging tunes and with AH-MAYZING hair, but of course!  Getting ready for a festival is so fun, it’s a time when you can let your inner hippie free, loving spirit go CRAY-ZEE with your outfit and hair. Go wild festival babes!




Festival Hair Survival Tips

Now that it’s festival season it’s important to do some prep beforehand so that you have gorgeous, chic festival hair all weekend long.

Before we jump into the tutorial there are a few essential festival survival tips you need to know:

  1. Pre-wash your hair because let’s face it, you might not see a shower all weekend (those festival amenities aren’t always fresh either) so those locks must be clean and dry before you style. 
  2. Pack your favourite styling products and definitely dry shampoo because hey-ho, if you can’t wash it, it’s the next best thing to help re-fresh your mane in the middle of the paddock!
  3. A small hairbrush - although it sounds simple it’s a staple not to forget because you’ll be partying all day but we still want those locks neat and tidy while still vibing your look.
  4. A hero hair accessory to really up your festival hair look. Adding an accessory lets your inner festival babe shine through. We’re loving leather, hair beads and hair rings.

 Rob’s Tip: We don’t want perfectly polished hair for festivals so straighten random sections of your hair to create a smooth yet textured look. Check it out in the first step at 0:22

Boho Braid | Festival Hair Tutorial With Hair Rings | VS Sassoon


How to Boho Festival Hair With A Braid Step-By-Step

Here’s our quick guide to festival babe greatness with all the detailed steps below. 


1. Prep clean, dry hair with your favourtie heat protectant or lite styling product. Use a straightener and straighten random sections of hair to create a smooth yet textured foundation.


2. Take 2 sections on either side of your face near the temple approximately 2-3cm depending on the hair thickness. Brush, comb or use fingers to smooth the section. Split one side into 2 even sections.


3. Take one of the sections and tie leather around the top then begin wrapping it down the section. Continue wrapping the leather and hair around each other and secure with a hair tie at the ends.


4. Twist the other hair section and wrap the two sections around each other than towards the back of head and secure. 


5. Using 2 pins, apply the 1st on a diagonal up direction than the 2nd pin crossed over in the opposite direction. This will be need to be extremely secure so that it doesn’t slip during the day!


6.  Take a section from the front and create a plait. To amp up the festival feel, add an accessory like hair rings. 


And that's how you create a boho festival hairstyle with a plait, leather and hair rings!


How Do I Get This Look?

Madeleine used the Digital Sensor Straightener from the Digital Sensor Range to straighten random sections of hair before styling it.  A straightener will not only help you build the foundation of your style but also reduce the frizz to make your festival hair look amazing!

You can also get hair accessories for your final look at any hair supplies or jewellery stores. There are so many different hair styling accessories to try, all you need to do is to experiment with it to match your personal style!


Learn How To Style Your Hair At Home

Now that you have a boho festival style, go grab your sunnies, your tent, your besties and enjoy the laid-back feels!

If you’re looking for more hairstyle inspiration then check out all of our video tutorials. You can create these DIY looks with our range of stylers, dryers and straighteners and create your own individual style at home.

For more hair tips and hair trends head to our blog where you will find everything you need to know about hair!

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Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team! x