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15 January 2018

Diamond Luxe Straightening Review With Tango2+

Quick and easy hair straightening by Tango2+

Starting a new year is an exciting time but also a busy time as we head back to work or school and settle into our routines. With not much time to spare, it’s always great to have a go-to quick and easy hairstyle to achieve so that we can still look glam while we’re kicking New Year goals.


VS Sassoon Straightening Brush Review & Demo


VS Sassoon Straightening Brush Review & Demo | tango2+

Melissa from Tango2+ is a new mum so anything that she can do quickly is really important to her. In the video tutorial she shows us how to get straight hair, and get it fast, with the new styler that’s changing the way we straighten hair.


An amazing before and after of Mel is right at the start of the video, but if you ever wondered what a straightening brush looks like, go straight to 2:05 where she shows the tool up close.


You can head straight to the demo at 2:34. Melissa has mid length hair and sections it into two parts, top and bottom.


Top tip: 3:09 Melissa shows how to position the brush in your hair to get the best results, as the bristles and the ceramic panel are what really get the hair straight.


You can see more of Melissa’s videos here on her YouTube channel, check her out and subscribe.


How Do I Get That Look?

Mel is using the Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush. You can easily use it yourself at home for stylishly straight tresses. Just follow Mel with her helpful video above.


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Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team!