How to create Blake Lively hairstyles
17 July 2019

Blake Lively Hairstyles Over the Last Decade

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Blake Lively hair – this simple sentence brings to mind cascading golden waves, countless insta screenshots for your hairdresser to copy and Ryan Reynold’s loving gaze next to red carpet shots of ‘that hair’. Ahead of her upcoming birthday, we wanted to showcase the last decade of our favourite Hollywood blonde, Blake Lively, who you would love to hate but couldn’t possibly as she seems so deliciously charismatic and sweet.  



Smooth and Shiny

The key to achieving this look is to start with freshly washed hair, then use the Digital Sensor Dryer and a round brush for extra volume, twisting through the ends for extra movement. Finish with a shine spray for extra gloss to get this sophisticated look. 



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Messy Pony with a Twist

This messy pony is great when you want an updated take on the humble pony.

1. First curl your hair with the 25mm Ceramic Curler

2. Separate the front middle section and side sections from the back.

3. Twist pieces from the side of your hair into similar sized pieces and secure with poppy pins.

4. Tease the underneath front layer for height, then smooth over hair on top.

5. With a brush, secure all the hair into a high pony, hiding the bobby pins towards the crown of your head.

6. Brush back lightly against your ponytail for that beautiful messy, unfinished look.



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This look is absolutely gorgeous, we love it so much it features on our hairstyles that slay blog and we've created a video tutorial to show you how easily you can create it too, check it out below!


Get The Look: Glam Curly Ponytail with Twists | VS Sassoon


Volume For Days

To copy Blake’s seductive style, part your hair into a deep side part then add tight curls with the Curl Secret Optimum on the Romantic setting and add a clip of choice to finish. This is a classic look that’s perfect for your next big event. 



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Textured Waves

No one does bedhead as stylishly as Blake Lively does. Apply a texturizing spray then add curls with the Salon Curls conical styler. Start by holding the barrel of your tong vertically and partially wrap 2-3cm sections of your hair around the tong to shape it. Give the look the right finish by raking your hands through the waves to soften and brush lightly the opposite way you would normally to get this chic look. 


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Half Up Half Down Waves

For this romantic look, add waves with the Big Hair Soft Curls styler then brush out so they are super soft. Secure hair into a half up, half down style, leaving pieces out to naturally frame the face. 



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The Faux Bob

Blake had everyone fooled that she had suddenly chopped off her signature waves with this faux bob. It can be achieved by taking small sections of hair at the base of your head, braiding them into two super tight plaits and then circling them around on themselves and securing in place. From there you slowly pin sections of your hair into the plait at the back. 



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Pin Up Girl

This vintage look will always look glamorous. Use the Ultimate Salon Setter for curls at the ends, brushing out to keep the style smooth. Finish with a side part, then carefully pin the widest part away from the face. Add a pomade for extra polish. 



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Surfer Girl Vibes

You don’t need to be near the ocean to get this style. Get yourself a sea salt spray and roughly blow dry with the Venezia 2400 AC Professional Dryer for added texture, leaving an undefined part so it falls where it would naturally. This beach wave look is super flattering and can be dressed down or dressed up. 


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Modern Wave

Blake’s signature waves are pinned off the face here in small sections with U shaped hair pins into a half up style. To get the waves, use the Elegance Salon Curls conical styler then run your hands through it with some texturizing product to make them more piecey.



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Preppy Style

This look has a college girl, preppy feel. Start with a centre part, then blow dry with the 5Q Hairdryer into a bouncy style with a round brush and some mousse at the roots. 



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Sleek Chignon

For that red-carpet look, use the Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush to smooth then use a padded doughnut hairpiece for volume and secure hair around it into a chignon. 



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Full and Luscious

If you’re lucky enough to have long, thick tresses like Blake, you have the perfect hair to get the most out of hot rollers. Try the Classic Salon Setter rollers then spray with hairspray and wait for them to cool before removing them to get this beautiful, must-try look. 



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Poker Straight Layers

An early look for Blake was the long layered, bright blonde straight look, try the Digital Sensor Straightener to get this silky finish, perhaps forgo the spray tan until summer though. This look can be done for any hair type or colour, for those with naturally curly or frizzy hair, this will change your look instantly. 



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Hollywood Waves

Looking every bit the Hollywood actress she is here, Blake’s Veronica Lake inspired waves can be achieved with the 38mm Ceramic Curler. Brush the curls out until you had the desired wave, then finish with a deep side part, and brush one side up and secure with a hair clip of your choice. This look is classic Hollywood, which we absolutely love and will dress up any outfit. 


How To Re-Create Blake Lively’s Hairstyles At Home

We honestly can’t decide which hairstyle of Blake’s we love the most, can you? Why not try them all and don’t forget to check out the other VS hair stylers, dryers and straighteners and find one that’s right for you.

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And before we sign off, a big Happy Birthday to Blake Lively for 25th August!

Love Your Style, the VS Sassoon Team x