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27 May 2019

8 Common Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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Did you know that Australian women literally spend gazillions of dollars every year warding off wrinkles with expensive lotions and potions - not to mention botox and surgery - but forget all about their hair which is a rookie mistake. The right haircut and colour can shave years off your appearance, so with the help of VS Sassoon stylist Rob Reeves, we’ve done a quick round up of the top mistakes that can make you look older. And more importantly how you can fix them. 


1. Get The Right Haircut



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A common question that comes up once women move into their 30s and beyond is whether short haircuts make them look older? ‘The answer is “Yes and no!”, says Rob. “It’s more about the cut than the length,” Rob explains. “Short layers with too much volume at the crown is ageing, no doubt about it. Instead, go for hidden layers and texture that adds body everywhere except the crown. What you’re aiming for is a more natural, undone effect.” Kate and Megan get it right with discreet layers and a simple updo.

If you decide to hold onto your length, the right cut is also key – again discreet layers are important. And remember if you have a formal event coming up, opt for a more flattering and youthful pony or Megan Markle’s go-to style, the messy bun. “Don’t go for a complicated fussy up-do. It’s very aging,” advises Rob. 

Complicated updos are never advised if you want to look younger.



2. Get Your Fringe Right


Do bangs make you look older? “Again it depends,” says Rob. “It’s tempting to go for a blunt fringe once forehead wrinkles start to appear, but a heavy fringe closes off your face and makes your eyes appear smaller. It also highlights fine lines. Wispy, long fringes are far more flattering and versatile too,” says Rob

Jessica we love your long grown-out fringe - your blunt bangs, not so much!



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3. Get the Right Colour


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“My best tip on colour is to make sure that whatever colour you choose, it’s not one-dimensional or flat, which is really ageing. Add lowlights and highlights to a warm base and remember we get paler as we get older, so if you have dark hair you definitely need to add some illuminating colour around the face so you don’t look too washed out. At the other end of the spectrum don’t go too blonde. Over-bleached hair is very ageing and can also wash out your face. Instead go for natural shades with differing tones. Think honey tones rather than platinum or ash. As for grey, don’t be afraid to go there. Just make sure that again you are adding high and low lights and blend those properly though your hair.”

Helen Mirren has the perfect mature woman’s fringe, cut and colour. We bow down Helen!


4. Flat or Fat? Turn up the Volume!


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“Believe it or not flat, sleek hair can make your face look drawn, pulling it down without definition, and that’s the last thing you want as you get older,” says Rob. “Also hair gets much thinner as we age, and sparser too around the hair line. The way to solve this?  Concentrate on building volume – do that by using a good hairdryer and a large round brush and perhaps a curler - and again those layers - add a few well-placed ones and stay away from any frizz-fighting oils, instead use a volumising spray.”


5. Getting the Condition Right



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Hair itself can look old. As we age we lose moisture in our hair and that means dull, brittle hair, so conditioning your hair is important, as is getting a professional treatment whenever you can. Use a hair dryer with the right technology that adds shine such as the 5Q Brilliance Dryer. Nicole Kidman AND Charlize Theron’s hair are both in great condition!


6. Building Movement into your Hair



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“It’s tempting as we age to use hairspray and a lot of it. Hair is wispier and it seems like the go-to solution but this is nothing more ageing that stiff hair,” says Rob. “Use hairspray sparingly and concentrate on blow drying your hair properly so it sits right but keeps its movement. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, have your ends cut into a curved shape – not straight across. This will give more movement to your hair. It really works.” Naomi Watts gets the right movement into her hair.


7. Change Your Parting


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Did you know that hanging onto the same parting you had in your youth is very ageing? “Even if you don’t change your haircut as you get older, change your part and stay away from centre parts. It might work for Kim Kardashian West who has the time to painstakingly contour, but for any woman past 35, any style that feels overly strict or harsh tends to be ageing. Instead go for a side or off-centre part. Cindy Crawford nails the mature woman's part above.


8. Work with the Hair you Have Right Now and Not the Hair You Had Yesterday



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Hair texture changes as we age thanks in part to changing hormones including during pregnancy. Also, hair’s texture alters naturally every five to seven years. Though we don’t know exactly why this occurs, hormones are one of the biggest culprits. The only remedy is to simply go with the flow of change in your hair and adjust your haircare regimen accordingly. “Look at the shampoos you‘re using – and see if you need a new regime,” says Rob.  “Also look at the styling tools you’re using – you might automatically be using the same straightener you have always used but instead switch to a straightening brush which is less severe or add a curl which is softer around the face.”
Carrie Bickmore and Fifi Box adapted perfectly to their ‘hormonal’ hair.


Youthful Tips You Can Try Yourself at Home

So there you have it – our top tips on how to make sure your hair is your friend and not your foe as you get older because Sistas there is nothing worse than old hair especially when you’ve still got it!

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Love Your Style, the VS Sassoon team x