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30 January 2018

6 Ways To Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading

Nothing is better than the feeling of fresh new hair colour straight out of the salon. Now that you’ve got that shade you love, the after care of your colour is vital to make it last longer.

Here are 6 proven ways to keep your hair colour from fading:


1. Hydrate Your Locks

Moisturising and keeping your locks hydrated is vital to keeping your newly coloured hair from fading. Dry coloured hair tends to fade more easily. To prevent this, use a conditioning hair mask that will give your hair the moisture and hydration it deserves.

Pro Tip: Apply a conditioning mask to the ends of your locks after shampooing once a week to keep it healthy.


2. Use Heat Tools That Are Designed To Protect Your Hair

Using heat tools that are designed with features to protect hair will help your colour last longer. These features are built to help protect your locks from any damage, which also means they can hold colour for longer. Features such as ceramic tourmaline technology and digital sensors help protect your locks from any excess heat.


3. Embrace Cold Rinses

No one really likes to have a cold shower! But your coloured hair will thank you for it! Rinsing with cold water will keep the hair cuticle closed so that the colour doesn’t fade. It also helps remove any excess product without stripping away your natural oils on your scalp. Cold water rinses can also help promote shiny and smooth hair because the cuticles are closed, the cells would lay more smoothly making light reflect better off your locks.


4. Don’t Skip Sun Protection

The sun’s rays can fade your hair colour by penetrating the cuticle of the hair. This causes the hair colour to bleach or oxidize. To prevent this, look into using a hair sunscreen that will not only protect your hair colour but also your locks from any damage of the sun’s rays.


5. Apply A Gloss

To extend the life of your hair colour look into using a hair gloss. A hair gloss will add a great dose of shine and also keep your hair colour looking vibrant. Glosses will last longer because they penetrate your hair cuticle and help promote shine to the locks too. You can visit your local hairdresser to get this done or do it yourself at home.


6. Avoid Washing Your Hair Often

If you like washing your hair every day, consider looking into investing in dry shampoo. Washing your hair too often can strip your locks of their natural oils (which is needed to keep your hair moisturised) and dim your hair colour, which means the money you’ve spent will literally go down the drain!


Show Off Your New Colour With A New Style

If you’ve just invested in hair colour you love, don’t feel shy about showing it off! We have so many different stylers, dryers & straighteners that are fantastic for hairstyles to show off your new colour.

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Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team.