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08 October 2018

5 Signs of Hair Damage: The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Locks

Image source: Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Regardless of the season, hair care is EVERYTHING. Research conducted by VS Sassoon has uncovered that 72% of Australian woman identified frizz, flyaways and hair damage due to heat as their biggest concerns. 

Can you grow damaged hair? Not as well as healthy hair. Rather than dealing with complications once the damage has been done, look after your precious locks from the outset with our useful tips. 

Read on to discover five signs of hair damage and the best ways to protect your locks using the latest styling innovations.

1. Dry, Lifeless Hair
2. Reduced Shine
3. Frizzy, Unruly Hair
4. Lack Of Smoothness
5. Premature Colour Fade

1. Dry, Lifeless Hair

Image source: photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Does your hair look dry and lifeless? Sick of brittle strands and split ends? You may be causing heat damage to your hair by using the wrong hot styling tools. Regular hairdryers rely on high heat (up to and sometimes over 100°C), causing damage and stripping hair of its natural oils. 

Don’t fret though, the damage CAN be undone! Make the switch from your rough hairdryer to something gentler like the Digital Sensor Hairdryer that maintains a constant hair safe temperature of 70C. 

Beauty guru and go-to hairstylist for Jesinta Franklin, Michael Brown gave us the low-down on why it’s so important to use quality styling tools.
“Heat styling tools are being used more than ever to create on-trend looks and while they work well for quick and effective results, the damage caused by using excessive heat daily puts the long-term health of hair at risk,” Michael said.
“Even for the most un-done, textured hair look that I create, I always start with smooth hair for an overall healthier appearance, which means drying using a hairdryer. Since using the Digital Sensor Hairdryer that moderates and controls the level of heat on the hair, I haven’t needed to use a heat protect product, as the heat combined with the perfect air pressure is just enough for perfect styling.”
“I used to think, the higher the heat, the better and quicker the result, but now I have realised it’s about the air quality and speed that makes hair look good. Everyone uses a hairdryer differently, but it’s one of the most common ways to dry hair and whether you are doing a ‘close to hair’ blow dry, or blasting hair dry, it’s a lot of heat at one time and needs to be regulated.”
“Styling tools like straighteners and curlers are actually touching hair directly at such high temperatures, so it’s even more important we protect hair with ceramic plates and use the most appropriate heat setting for each individuals hair (there is so much variation depending on hair texture, moisture levels, etc!) to keep a healthy finish.”


2. Reduced Shine

Image source: Photo by Hean Prinsloo on Unsplash

What’s the point of putting hours of effort into your exercise regime, skin care, and outfits only to let the whole ensemble down with dull, damaged hair?  Put care into your hair and you’ll be a 10 in no time! Appliances and heat treatments are among those to blame for draining the moisture from your hair, which causes damage to the outer layer and results in reduced shine.

To take the guesswork out of choosing the correct heat setting for your hair type and to amp up the shine factor you need a straightener with smart heat protection mode, like the Digital Sensor Straightener. This assesses your your moisture, adjusts and monitors the plate temperature to suit your hair for for enviable shine!


3. Frizzy, Unruly Hair

Another result of heat damage, frizzy hair, which is hard to love! Going into the summer months fighting frizz can become even more difficult! While it can be seriously daunting and debilitating, there are ways to manage and repair your locks.

If you struggle with a dryer and brush, try VS Sassoon’s Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler. This baby lets you style with one hand and fight frizz at the same time with it’s clever sensor-controlled airflow to reduce damage and dullness.
We asked Michael Brown about his favourite tools for fighting frizz:
“The VS Sassoon Digital Sensor range has been an amazing new addition to my hair kit! I now have more confidence when styling hair as I know that I am protecting my client’s hair from excessive heat and also need to use less smoothing and heat protect product which is a bonus.”
“The single temperature setting of the Digital Sensor Hairdryer (70°C only) won’t dry out hair, plus it makes it easier for me to work while drying, as the hair is not too hot to touch. I find myself using the Professional Straightening concentrator attachment the most to smooth hair as it has an angled edge, which directs the airflow perfectly in line to not break hair into fly-aways - making it smoother and basically frizz free.”
“I’m a big fan of the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler too, as I sometimes need to do extremely quick looks for my celebrity clients and as all three attachments come lined with ceramic, once the hair passes through, it is instantly smoother and feels so silky. The styling paddle brush attachment is my new go-to for smoothing and the two round brushes I use for volume or creating bouncy ends.”
“I have even used the styling paddle brush on very unruly hair that I normally would have to use a smoothing spray on, but in just a few sweeps of the brush, the difference in hair texture is amazing.”

4. Lack of Smoothness

Feeling like you’ve tried every product under the sun to fix your rough, damaged hair? Rough hair is prone to breakage and can lead to your tresses looking and feeling like straw. Not ideal! Put in a little time and effort, and get your hair back to its healthy, hydrated and smooth ways in no time at all.

“I see so many women using straighteners very aggressively, I get it, it can be a chore and we are all time poor,” said Michael.
“Clamping the hair, over and over again in practically the same area is just wasting time. If you slow down your movements through your hair you get much better results, and plus it means there will be less heat touching your hair.”
“The Digital Sensor Straightener has the perfect size ceramic plates (slightly larger than other straighteners that I have used) which are amazing because you can section hair larger however still get smooth results.”
“Start at the top of sectioned hair and slowly glide down, root to tip. The slower you glide, the smoother and silkier your hair will appear because of the ceramic plates. I also like to twist my wrist on front sections of hair so that the ends look more natural with a slight flick, rather than dead straight,” said Michael.

In order to get your smoothest look yet, it’s important to use a straightener designed for your hair type. The VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Straightener is designed with a smart heat protect sensor mode which continually monitors and adjust the heat temperature based on your hair moisture  for reduced dullness and reduced damage.


5. Premature Colour Fade

Image source: Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash 

Too many women pay the big bucks at the salon only to find that their colour is fading prematurely. Is there anything worse than watching your money and colour go down the drain? Luckily this issue is a sign of hair damage rather than hair type, and steps can be taken to avoid it!
First and foremost, stop frying your hair! Ditch old, regular styling tools that expose your hair and strip your colour. Both the Digital Sensor Hairdryer and Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler protect against colour fade through maintaining a uniform and constant hair safe temperature of 70°C. Also make sure to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, chlorine, salt water, and cheap, alcohol-based styling products. 

Protect Your Hair With The Digital Sensor Range

Our Digital Sensor Range has been designed to give you the ultimate benefits in hair protection. With our straightener, hot air styler and hairdryer, each tool is made with intelligent digital technology for faster, healthier styling. 

Find out where you can purchase your favourite Digital Sensor tool at your local stockists or retailer to take advantage of beautiful hair everyday, without the cost of rough hair damage. 

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Love your style, from the VS Sassoon team. x