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04 June 2018

5 Office-Appropriate Hairstyles That Require Little Work

Who says you have to sacrifice your morning sleep-ins for gorgeous hair? Save complicated braids and chignons for the weekend, because nobody got time for that! We’ve tried and tested these 5 office-appropriate hairstyles that are not only quick and easy to achieve, but also tres chic for all workplaces. Get inspired ladies!

1.  The Half-up Half Down Hairstyle

Works best on: All hair lengths and types

Image Source: PRPhotos

When it’s time to get to business, then this half-up half-down style that Madelaine Petsch wears here is your go-to. If you love your length, but shorter front pieces of hair interfere with your productivity, try this: 

  1. Take the front two sections of hair and give them both a quick once over using the straightening mode on an automatic 2-in-1 straightener and curling tool. It will make them extra smooth and shiny. 
  2. Gather the sections together at the middle of the head and secure with an elastic or barrette of choice Pro Tip – metallic hair accessories are trending right now!

Give the ends of your hair some added va va voom using the wave mode with the same tool:

  1. Simply section the bottom of the hair into sections (approximately 2-3 cm wide each).
  2. Comb through each of the sections before inserting the hair from mid length into the styler with the open part of the ceramic chamber facing towards the head.
  3. Wait for the beeps, release styler away from the head and voila! 


2. The Voluminous Blow-Out

Works best on: Medium-long length hair

Image Source: PR Photos

Gone are the days of going to work with flat, drab hair. Channel your inner Donna Paulsen and Rachel Zane, á la Suits using a hot air styler to pump up the roots and define layers. This styler combines the benefits of a traditional hair dryer with your choice of two multi-directional rotating brushes. 

Here’s how to get the voluminous blowout:

  1. Section the hair into manageable parts and check that the brush is rotating away from you before placing it in the hair. 
  2. Put the brush into the end of the hair section and begin to rotate the styling head. 
  3. To add extra body to longer hair lengths, let the hair wind around the brush to the root and release the rotation button. Hold for a few seconds in the hair and then unwind. Pro Tip – hold the styler with tension as it spins.


  3. Sleek And Straight Hair

Works best on: Short-medium length hair


Image Source: PR Photos   

Nothing says office chic more than having shiny, sleek hair. Kim Kardashian slays this look and you can to, without the hair stylist. It’s perfect for when you are in a rush to get to work, as it can be done the night before and simply touched up in a matter of seconds in the morning! 

This super straight look can be achieved by using a high-quality straightener. Use one that has Quartz-Ceramic plates and switch to activation control. You will have a salon high-shine finish in no time! 

Straighten your hair in sections making sure you go over each section once only to get a gorgeous, silky finish. Select 'Protect Mode' for added protection or use a heat spray for healthy, shiny locks.


4. The Sleek Ponytail

Works best on: Medium – Long Hair

Image Source: PR Photos


Perfect post gym work hairstyle, the sleek ponytail is easy to create and results in a look that appears polished and modern. Another great aspect of the low sleek ponytail is that there are so many variations. You can adjust the height from low, mid to high and play around with centre and side parts. 

Partner with a power suit like actress Hermione Corfield, and this sleek ponytail will have you walking into meetings with your head held high. 

Here’s how to get a sleek ponytail:

  1. Once you’ve decided on your height and part run the VS Sassoon Diamond Shine Straightener through your hair to smooth out any kinks. 
  2. Apply an oil or shine serum between your fingers and run through your hair to get rid of any frizz. 
  3. Using a hair brush, pull your pony to your desired position and tie with a thin band.
  4. Run the straightener over the ponytail and add hairspray to the style for all day hold. 


5. Hairstyles with Hair Accessories

Works best on: All hair types

Image Source: PR Photos

Another quick and easy tactic to take your look from plain Jane to #girlboss is to add some simple accessories to your look. We love this style on January Jones.

Here’s how to achieve this look:

  1. Once you’ve decided on your part use a big curler like the Big Hair Soft Curls to create a bend or wave in the hair.
  2. Take small sections of hair about 3cm  x 3cm. Holding the curler vertically in the hair wrap the section around it and hold for 5 - 10 seconds. Continue until all the hair is curled.
  3. Sweep your front section of hair to your preferred side and secure with a clip or hair slide.
  4. If you wish to add some volume in the crown area like January, you can do some backcombing, or teasing, to create height. Once you’ve teased the hair, carefully smooth it over with a brush, being careful not to take out the volume you’ve just created.


Style your office-appropriate hairstyles at home

Luckily for you, these office hairstyles are super simple and quick to do in the comfort of your own home! No need to rush out of the door when our range of salon quality stylers, straighteners & dryers are made to help you get the style you want in no time.

For more hair tips, trends and easy-to-follow video tutorials head to our blog where you will find a plethora of all things hair posts for your viewing!

Love your style, from the VS Sassoon Team.