meghan markle wedding hair
03 May 2018

5 Ideas For Meghan Markle’s Wedding Hair

Can you hear the weddings bells? In less than 3 weeks, there will be another much anticipated Royal Wedding... Everyone's favourite 'It' couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, will tie the knot!

Meghan Markle broke royal protocols when she appeared with a messy bun on her first public appearance with Prince Harry in 2018. It’s not the first time that royal protocols were broken, Meghan also wore a sheer dress in her engagement photos and went without stockings during her wedding announcement… GASP! 

Image source: PR Photos

Even if you’re not getting married, it can’t hurt to take a look at what hairstyle ideas we think Meghan may be parading down the aisle! 

Here are our 5 suggestions of wedding hair ideas for Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding:

1. The Messy Ponytail

Will she be daring at her wedding and go for a messy updo or keep it classic? We think this messy but classy ponytail would look amazing on Meghan’s hair, especially with the added bling of a crown!

To create this look, curl your hair with an automatic curling tool.

  1. Separate your hair into two sections, one smaller top section and one larger bottom section.
  2. For the top section, tease slightly for volume and then pull back and twist at the crown of the head and pin. 
  3. Then, create a loose ponytail under the pin and tie with elastic. Carefully pull out two strands on either side of the ponytail so that they frame the face and curl.
  4. Grab a small piece from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around the elastic until it is covered and then pin underneath the pony.  
  5. Add more curls to the ponytail for volume and spray with hairspray for all-day hold. 


2. The Luxe Half Up Half Down Hairstyle


If there’s any day to fulfil your childhood dreams of being a real-life princess, it’s the day of your wedding. Meghan could follow Kate Middleton’s lead with a perfect blow dry and luxe half up half down style.  Although Kate Middleton wore a legitimate crown in her hair, a half up-half down blow dry is the perfect way to hold in a veil. 

3. The Classic Updo

If Meghan wants to opt for something timeless and original, you can’t go wrong with a classic updo. Perfect for holding in veils as well as other hair clips and crowns. 

An updo is a low maintenance style that will have her feeling confident walking down the aisle and on the television screens of millions around the world! 

For beautiful, luscious waves that frame your face, use VS Sassoon’s Smooth and Wave to curl the front sections of your face as well as the ends, then secure them in a loose bun for a classic look. The Smooth and Wave styler has 3 heat settings to ensure your hairstyle lasts all day with salon quality finish. 


4. Floral Hair Pieces

Pippa Middleton appeared with a beautiful flower arrangement in her hair when she was Maid of Honour for her sister Kate. It’s not unusual for a classic English countryside wedding to have a bride with carefully placed flowers throughout her hair. 

Will Meghan follow this English tradition? We hope so! We love this bun with colourful flowers and added small plaits for extra romance. 

5. The Blow Out


On Suits, Rachel was envied by viewers for her perfect blow-dried hair. Meghan could go for her tried and tested look that she knows can be trusted. Future sister-in-law Kate Middleton also knows a thing or two about a good blow dry with her voluminous look referred to as ‘The Chelsea Blow Dry’. 

Go the whole mile with big and bouncy voluminous hair using a digital dryer. The intelligent digital dryer, with Hair Protection technology, locks in your look with the cold shot. You won’t have to worry about fixing your hair on your special day. 

Add a special touch by pinning back a matching flower to any stray hairs away from your face. 

Our salon quality hair tools can help you create your special occasions looks at home!

You don’t have to be getting married or even just going to a wedding to create these beautiful hairstyles. You can wear them for any special occasion!

To help you style your hair, we have a range of high salon quality stylers, straighteners and dryers that you can use in the comfort of your own home. 

Love your style, from the VS Sassoon Team.