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28 March 2019

5 Hairstyles That Will Hide Dirty Hair by Oz Beauty Expert

We’ve all been there, somewhere to go and no time to wash your hair.
With greasy roots, dry ends, and no volume (telltale signs your hair is in need of a wash) how do you fake it, and make your hair look fab when in fact it’s anything but?

Just a few good quality hot tools, hairspray and dry shampoo will help you hide an absolute multitude of hair sins!

I decided to create a few go-to styles with exactly what I have in my bathroom cupboard, a hair dryer, a curling tong, a straightener and a hot air styler.

Hot tools have the ability to breathe life and volume back into dull, dirty hair. They can re-texturise, reshape and smooth your hair with ease.

All 5 of these hairstyles will easily hide the fact your hair is dirty, and make it look fresh and fab in no time. 

  1. The Messy Top Knot
  2. The Bouncy Braid
  3. The Cute Mini Top Knot
  4. The Boho Plait with Waves
  5. The Sleek Ponytail


Fake it till you make it baby!


1. The Messy Top Knot

For this quick and easy style, I use the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler With The Straightening Brush attachment. The beauty of this tool is it comes with multiple brush heads which give you entirely different finishes.

The Straightening Brush attachment gives you a straight smooth style that still has volume and isn’t flat like a straightening iron would create. It has a smart digital sensor that means it protects the hair from heat damage.


Here's how I create the Messy Top Knot:

  1. Run the hot air styler through the hair until all kinks are gone and the hair is smooth
  2. Follow this by spraying dry shampoo into the hair, through both the roots and the lengths. The dry shampoo will make the hair look cleaner but also give it more volume and a soft texture.
  3. Next, flip all the hair over, twist it up into a top knot and secure it with an elastic. 
  4. Remember not to try to make your top knot look too perfect. The best top knots are those with imperfections.
  5. Finally, use a small scarf or ribbon to cover your band and you’re good to go!


2. An Effortless Bouncy Braid

The Vs Sassoon Hot Air Styler used with the round brush attachment is the easiest way to create bouncy voluminous hairstyles! 

For this one, I’ve used my Hot Air Styler again but with the round brush attachment.

It easy to do, just use it on the sections of your hair, lifting up and away from the roots to lock in volume. If your hair is extra dirty spray some dry shampoo into the roots first.

Once you’ve given the hair volume at the roots, flip it to one side and braid it over your shoulder.


3. A Cute Mini Top Knot

This style is a fantastic one to cover greasy, flat roots. This is a great style to wear on a night out when you don’t have the time to wash your hair! Sleek and chic!

All you need is the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hair Dryer and a bit of Dry Shampoo.


Here's how to create a Mini Top Knot:

  1. Start by spraying dry shampoo into the roots of the hair.
  2. Take a section from the very top of the head and secure it into a small ponytail.
  3. Next, backcomb the ponytail- this will give your mini top knot extra volume.
  4. Twist and pin it into place.
  5. Now use your hair dryer and a round brush to smooth out the hair. Again this process doesn’t have to look perfect, just use your hair dryer to smooth out kinks and give the hair an even soft texture.
  6. I love the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hair Dryer because it’s powerful enough to get the job done fast.
  7. Finally, add some dry shampoo to the lengths of the hair you’ve just blow dried and brush it through, this will add a soft fly-away (and most importantly clean looking) texture.



4. A Boho Plait with Waves

Beautiful bouncy waves are a certain distraction from the fact that your hair hasn’t been washed. Waves will add instant volume and give you a flawlessly styled look. For this style, I used the VS Sassoon 25 mm curling tong.

Here's how to get a Boho inspired wavy style with braids:

  1. To begin part the middle of your hair.
  2. Take two thick sections of hair from either side of the face and plait them.
  3. Secure the two plaits together in the middle at the back of the head.
  4. Now with the remaining hair use the 25mm curling tong from Vs Sassoon to add waves to the hair. Be sure to take large sections of hair, that way it gives you the desired wave rather than a curl. If you are doing large sections you should be able to get your entire head done in 10-12 sections. It easy!
  5. Once all the hair is done, gently tousle the curls with your fingers to loosen and soften them.
  6. The VS Sassoon 25mm Curling tong is my fav because of it’s versatility, you can create both waves and curls.

PRO TIP: If you are prone to your curls dropping, spray each section with hairspray before you curl it.


5. The Sleek Ponytail

This hairstyle will hide the fact your hair is dirty in a cinch! With this look the flatter and shinier the better. Perfect for work or a special occasion, this style is fantastic to look pulled together.

How to create the Sleek Ponytail:

  1. To start be sure to have a middle part. 
  2. Use the Vs Sassoon Digital Sensor Straightener to straighten the entire head of hair.
  3. This tool is my straightener of choice for a couple of reasons. Its smart digital sensor means that it will never reach damaging temperatures, so it won’t cause heat damage that so many other straightening irons will.
  4. Once all the hair is straight, backcomb the hair on the crown of the head.
  5. Now sweep all the hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.
  6. Use some hairspray to smooth fly-aways and make the hair look sleek.
  7. Match this look with a pair of big earrings for a glam night time look.


Create Quick Easy Hairstyles at Home!

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Bonnie G xx

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