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10 October 2017

4 Blow Dryer Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

When you jump out of the shower your hair is completely soaked. Your hair cuticles are open and are unstable. By using a hair dryer in the correct way you will be able to stabilise the bonds within the hair. Once you dry your hair down, the cuticles close and this prevents any damage.

Blow drying your hair properly is essential to prevent any potential damage to your hair. If the right techniques are used when drying your locks, you can bring your hair’s natural shine and lock in moisture to keep it looking healthy.

In today’s post we discuss the most common hair drying mistakes, why it’s doing more harm than good for your hair and how you can prevent these mistakes to protect your beautiful locks.


Your Hair is too Wet

Drying your hair straight out of the shower when your hair is dripping wet is easily the most common mistake. Start by rough drying the hair with a towel to prep your hair before hair drying.



Not All Hot Air is the Same

Did you know that not all hair dryer’s are the same in terms of how they emit hot hair?

AC motor hair dryers are quieter, more powerful and last longer. Because they are so powerful they’re able to force more air out, cutting the drying time significantly. Top of the line EC digital motor dryer’s also emit a lower constant temperature to protect your hair from overexposure to heat.


Using the Wrong Temperature

The different heat settings are there to choose the right setting for your hair type. The high heat settings are for those with really thick or coarse hair. If you use a really high heat setting on fine or fragile hair you risk overheating the locks, making them very dry.



Using the Concentrator or Diffuser

Using these attachments all the time, or not at all is another common mistake we hear about all the time. They’re not just an accessory in the box - they’re there to help you! 

To dry or style sections of your hair, use the concentrator. It, yep you guessed it, ‘concentrates’ the airflow so that you can work the sections of your hair without affecting the rest. It also helps to create a smooth finish. If you have curly hair, then using a diffuser will help reduce frizz to your curls because the air is emitted more softly!


Dry Your Hair the Right Way

We’ve got a range of fantastic hair dryers that are fast drying, help control frizz, are salon quality and help protect your hair! Check out the range, and find your nearest retailer today!

Love your style, from the VS Sassoon Team!