Hair Hacks for thick hair
21 January 2019

3 Easy Thick Hair Styling Hacks To Control Texture

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Thin hair girls are envious of thick hair girls but it comes with a lot of hair and endless amounts of texture. Constant tangles, bobby pins getting lost amongst the hair and having to deal with humidity... thick hair’s enemy! These are challenges that most thick hair girls deal with on the daily.

The following easy hacks are designed to keep your locks neatly intact and tamed. Don’t let your thick hair get the best of you!

#1 Make A Sock Bun 
#2 Use A Flat Iron For Sleek Hair 
#3 Centre Part Your Hair

#1 - Make a sock bun for easy everyday hair




This genius hack will make your mornings that much easier to get ready for work or a night out.  All you need is a sock to create it or you can purchase a foam bun doughnut for this hair hack. The sock bun is designed to give you a voluminous bun without having to do it from scratch - too easy!

This hack is super easy and frugal, so if you have any old socks or ones you don’t wear that often anymore (even with holes in them), bring them out and try this easy DIY hair hack. Just make sure they’re clean first!

To create a sock bun, here’s how to do it:

  1. Lay your sock flat. Cut the toe section off. 
  2. Roll the sock from the ankle end of the toe end to create your doughnut!

How to use the sock bun doughnut:

  1. Prep your hair using a texturising spray for added volume and texture to your locks.
  2. Tie your hair into a high ponytail. For best results, tie it as high as you can! 
  3. Hold the end of your ponytail straight up and slip the sock bun over it.
  4. Roll the bun down. You will be left with the sock bun at the base and the actual ponytail will be hanging over the bun. 
  5. Tuck your hair around the doughnut using bobby pins. 
  6. Make sure the entirety of the sock bun is covered with your hair. 


#2 - Use a Straightener For Very Sleek Hair 


With thick hair comes texture. Texture gives hair extra volume in places where you may not want it. Taming the volume can help you get that sleek look like we always see on the flawless Kim Kardashian. For a quick and easy way to get sleek hair, use a straightener.

Here’s how to get the same look as Kim’s sleek locks:

  1. Wash your hair and dry your strands using a blow dryer with maximum hair protection for frizz-free locks. 
  2. Use a straightener with heat protect mode to get it straight fast but without any damage (and frizz-free results). Use the straightener to smooth over your locks for a sleek result.




#3 - Centre part your hair to reduce thickness evenly


Parting your hair in the centre will even the face out and reduce the thickness of your locks evenly on both sides. It’s a classic look that’ll make you look polished. Changing your part can really change up your hairstyle and overall style. 

How To Style Your Hair For a Centre Part:

  1. First, blow dry your hair into sections using a round brush to prevent any frizz. Also being mindful of centering your part in the middle whilst drying. 
  2. For post-styling use a smoothing serum or balm to tame those flyaways.



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