3 different ways to straighten your hair
22 December 2017

3 Different Ways To Straighten Your Hair

You can achieve many different straight styled looks using a variety of different tools. We’ve put together this easy guide on three different ways to straighten your hair so you can easily achieve a chic and simple look for any occasion!

Here’s the easy different ways to straighten your hair:

1. By using a straightener

2. By using a hot air brush

3. Or using a straightening brush


#1 Using a Straightener to get Pin Straight Hair


The easiest way to get pin straight hair without having to fork out for straightening treatments is with a hair straightener. A hair straightener works by using its heated plates to change the bonds of the hair so it can be straightened as you glide it through your hair. When moisture is added back to the hair it returns to its natural form.

You can look after the wellbeing of your hair while straightening by using straighteners with different technology. A straightener with a digital sensor can adjust the temperature to suit your hair while it straightens, protecting it from excessive heat.

A straightener with keratin will give you ultimate protection and shine while using a straightener with ionic technology is also going to help you achieve a frizz-free look.

Some great tips on how to get poker straight hair:

  • Start with clean, dry hair.
  • Use the appropriate heat settings for your hair type. If you have thin, coloured or delicate hair use the low heat settings to protect your hair.
  • Section your hair and straighten small sections at a time for an even look.

PRO TIP:  Comb through your hair before straightening to make sure there are no knots. Select a temperature suitable for your hair condition and type, that way you will only need to straighten with one pass, ensuring the best protection for your hair.M


#2 For a sleek, straight yet voluminous style, use a Hot Air Brush


How To Use the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler | VS Sassoon


Who doesn’t love that sleek, straight blowout look after heading to a salon? It’s easier now than ever to do it yourself at home! You can still get salon-style results in the comfort of your own bathroom by using a hot air styler.

A hot air brush tool is shaped like a round brush but the best part is that it also blows out hot air just like a dryer! It’s the best of both worlds in your hands! The round brush can also rotate in either direction to help you achieve volume at your roots which is an essential for any blown-out look.

These tools are quite simple to use and super effective in getting you the sleek blow-out look that you never thought you could achieve yourself!  

Tips on how to use a hot air brush:

  • You can start using the hot air brush when your hair is 70% dry after washing your locks
  • Part your hair into sections, just like you would if you were to do a normal blow out
  • Use the cool setting to set your look into place


#3 For Effortless Straight Locks use a Straightening Brush



How To Use A Straightening Brush | VS Sassoon


A busy lady with no time to style your hair? Get a quick effortless straight hair look from your office desk to Friday evening drinks by using a straightening brush. As you brush the tool through your hair, the heat will straighten your locks with no effort required. The heated brush does it all for you!

This is a great tool to use when you’re on the go and still want that straight hair look without it looking poker straight!


Tips on how to master the straightening brush:

  • Always use on 100% dry hair
  • Brush slowly for maximum heat distribution on each section of hair
  • Straighten from the root to the end of your locks for an even look


Impress yourself with salon results at the office or your home!

See how easy it is to achieve different hair styles and on-trend looks with our high salon quality tools. With a wide range of stylers, dryers and straighteners you can use these in the comfort of your own room without having to step out!

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