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27 August 2019

2019 Wedding Season Hair Trends

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Wedding season is coming up – are you ready? Regardless of whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid or guest, VS Sassoon will have you looking your best without an expensive trip to the hair dresser. We’ve searched high and low from celebrity weddings and the runway to provide you the most beautiful, effortless, feminine and chic looks that are fit for royalty.
We’ve spoken to celebrity hair stylist Michael Brown on what trends we can expect this year and how to recreate them – his number one tip, this wedding season; it’s all about texture! Expect to see an abundance of cool girl styles rather than the fixed curls and heavily sprayed looks of old.

Wedding Hairstyle for the Bride

Messy, Effortless "Chignon"



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While the chignon has been around since the beginning of time, wedding season 2019 will see a messier, more undone style come into play. Brides with shorter hair can use a bun maker to make the low bun look fuller. “2019 wedding season will see lots more texture, favouring an effortless undone effect, but still with hair design in mind”, says Michael.
Michael’s advice on how to style your messy, “effortless” chignon:
1.    Add beach waves and texture using the VS Sassoon Smooth and Wave
2.    Use lots of dry shampoo for grit and hold, and then add texture with a little styling texture powder
3.    Pull hair into a bun using your fingers, working up to a point of an elastic hold. Leave two long face-framing tendrils out for a modern and chic, yet super classy look (think Meghan Markle).
4.    Secure with elastic, slightly pull and loosen hair to create an undone effect

Soft, Romantic Waves



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For countless years, many brides have chosen to wear their hair out rather than in an up-do, however this wedding season we’ll be seeing a move away from the curly waves towards a more soft, romantic wave. This style works really well for brides with medium to long hair.
“Think Hollywood waves, or smooth tousled hair, rather than beauty pageant curls”, Michael advises.
Michael’s tips on how to style your soft, romantic waves:
1.    Part hair according to preference, making sure that it’s well-combed through. A side part will elevate the look!
2.    Use VS Sassoon’s Curl Secret Optimum on the pre-set Natural setting to create elegant, loose waves  
3.    Let the automatic curling system draw the hair section into the ceramic curl chamber. The styler will hold the hair in the chamber for 8 seconds – simply release after it beeps
4.    A finger comb is great for a defined wave to separate hair, while a paddle brush will provide a smoother, softer and more of a Hollywood, romantic wave
Pro tip: let the hair/curls cool before brushing out. If you brush out immediately the curls won’t last all day!

Wedding Hairstyles for the Mother of the Bride, Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids

Cool Girl Braids



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Although the bride should be the show stopper on her special day, the MOB, MOH and bridesmaids should also have a manicured, understated style. Braids and plaits have been all over the runway recently yet rather than the usual soft braids we’re seeing more structured, boss lady braids. Braids can be personalised for each individual; perfect for a bridal party. This look works really well for medium to long hair, with the option to accessorise.
Michael advises on how to style your cool girl braids:
1.    Use VS Sassoon’s Keratin Protect Straightener to add texture to the hair – this will stop the plait/braid looking too sleek. Clamp the hair and twist to create flicks and waves, and use the same tool to straighten areas that need it
2.    Braid or plait the hair in the style you wish
3.    If leaving hair in a braid/plait, pull outwards gently on each section to give fullness and a touch of undone
4.    If looking to style your up-do, sweep braids to the side in a half-up/half-down look or pull back into a bun like Olivia Culpo

The Blowout

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While you may never be a royal, you can still have hair like one. VS Sassoon’s Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler is the perfect styling tool to achieve this sophisticated, timeless look. To change things up, put your own spin on the style with a hair accessory – oh so trendy!
Michael advises on how to style your blowout:
1.    Start with hair that’s 80% dry and divide hair into 3 sections
2.    Twist and clip top two segments so that you can work on the bottom segment first
3.    Brush from roots to ends. Activate the rotation setting and wrap hair towards the head
4.    Move through all sections. Use the cool setting to lock in the style
5.    For extra volume, wrap hair towards the roots and hold for a few seconds
To see the hot air styler in action watch our video tutorial below:

Get the Look: Vixen Voluminous Hair | VS Sassoon

Wedding Hairstyles For the Guest: 

The Pony Tail



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As a wedding guest you’re able to leave the more complex, jaw dropping styles to the bride. Rather, go for a more classic look such as a pony tail. This style not only keeps the hair off your face in the most chic and effortless way, but also elongates the silhouette.
Michael’s tips on how to style your pony tail:
1.    Use VS Sassoon’s Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler and smooth hair with the 3D ceramic paddle brush
2.    Pull hair back into a pony tail. A high pony will achieve a more elevated, playful look, while a low pony is softer and more elegant
3.    If your hair is on the thin side, you may want to add extensions to achieve the length and fullness desired
4.    Cover the hair elastic with hair or an accessory so that it seems like a style and not just something you whipped up quickly
If you’re after more ponytail inspo then check out our post about 11 Ponytail Hairstyles That Slay.


For the Guest with Short Hair - Pin it



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Short hair? Now is your time! With hair accessories having a massive moment, there’s a lot of room to play around with different looks and styles that are perfect for short hair. Easily transform your everyday look into a super-glam style with a statement headband or chic clip. We’re also loving the revival of vintage pins and brooches, which can be worn in the hair or on clothing – or both!
Do you need tips on how to prep your short hair? Then check out our Easy Ways To Style & Dry Short Hair to Perfection.

Style Your Wedding Hair at Home

Now you’re loaded with all the inspiration to create your wedding hair at home then take a look at our range of stylers, dryers and straighteners to help you create your look for the big day. Or if you’re looking for more ideas then head to our tutorials, we have so many you’ll be able to find something that’s right for you. To get this content delivered straight to your inbox, join our mailing list to never miss a post! To get more inspiration for your wedding hairstyle, check out our blog on the most enviable wedding hairstyles for every length.
Love your style, from the VS Sassoon team x