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11 December 2019

The 12 Hottest 2020 Hair Trends You Need to Know

Margot Robbie rockin' the latest trend - Butter Blonde

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New year, new ‘do!

We’ve seen some gorgeous (and some not-so-gorgeous) trends come and go over the past few years, and we’re here to give you a head start on deciding which 2020 hairstyle trend you’d like to try out first. 

With fresh hair trends emerging in the new year there has never been a better time for you to change up your hair and try something different! 

Whether you’re leaning towards a cut, colour or style, we’re here to help you prepare for the new decade(!) with the latest trends. We’ve spoken to celebrity hair stylist Michael Brown to get his expert opinion on what to expect, and more importantly how you can recreate these styles easily at home. 

Girl, what are you waiting for?! Read on! 

1. Defined Curls

Defined curls


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As we enter 2020, we’ll be seeing those with naturally curly hair have their moment in the spotlight, as defined curls are going to be BIG. Anyone with naturally curly hair can tell you that it’s hard to achieve those picture-perfect curls at home, but with the right tips and tools you’ll never want to straighten those gorgeous curls again! 

“Making your natural curls defined is all about keeping moisture in your hair to prevent drying and frizz. A great way to do this is by using leave-in conditioner”, says Michael. 

When trying to achieve beautifully defined curls, your BFF is going to be a diffuser. These beauties prevent frizz, maintain your natural curl pattern, maximise the volume of your waves AND save drying time. Need we say more? 

Expert Styling tips for your curls from Michael: 

  • The best way to style your curls is to use a diffuser. The VS Sassoon Frizz Defense AC Dryer’s diffuser keeps natural curls from separating and not splitting as it evenly distributes heat with a less direct air flow 
  • A diffuser is like a cup - place the curls in to keep them intact (unlike a usual dryer that blasts and separates hair) 
  • Gently place curl sections in the diffuser, section by section until you’ve done the whole head. The best way to do this is by either tilting the head or by flip hair over the head



2. Bronde



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If you are looking to change the colour of your hair, the go to colour in 2020 is Bronde.‘Bronde’ (the perfect colour in between blonde and brunette) is the warm, summery colour we’ve all been waiting for – whether we knew it or not! This trend is a blessing for those keen to save their $$ and look after the health of their locks, as it requires minimal return trips to the hairdresser. This sun-kissed style gives the illusion of a restful week on the beach without the damage! 

An added bonus is that this colour works really well for any base colour – from jet black to dark brown or light blonde, babes of any base can rock bronde tresses beautifully. The key to achieving this colour is to embrace your natural base, so ask your hairdresser to recommend tones that suit your features. To achieve maximum gloss and shine use VS Sassoon’s Frizz Defense Salon Straightener to smooth hair and tame frizz. 


3. The Asymetrical Bob



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The bob has made a massive comeback in recent years, with each year bringing with it a different variation. 2020 is set to bring in the asymmetrical bob, a cut that is shorter in length and cut so that it’s uneven, with one side longer than the other. 

This cut can be styled in a variety of ways, each as stunning as the last. Want dead straight tresses and a deep side part? TIMELESS. After more of a wave matched with a strict centre part? HOT. What’s more, the asymmetrical bob caters to all face shapes and hair textures and needs very little maintenance. Sign us up! 

Asymmetrical bob styling from Michael: 

  • When styling the asymmetrical bob, you have two choices: sleek and smooth or textured and tousled
  • My go-to styling tool for this bob would be the VS Sassoon Frizz Defense Salon Straightener as it uses super frizz defense technology to give you a gorgeous style
  • To create a super smooth, frizz-free and sleek style, glide the straightener through hair in sections as you would normally. To create tousled waves, twist the straightener as you glide through hair
  • One look I love is sleek and smooth all over. If you go for this look with a side part, only twist and tousle the very front longer section. This will provide a little lift and movement to perfectly frame the face


4. Low/High Ponytails



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According to the catwalks, ponytails in 2020 will be low or high, with nothing in between. Our favourite thing about the ponytail? It’s the perfect way to give long hair a fresh twist and allows you to spend less time in the bathroom in the morning. These chic styles leave room for heaps of personalisation, so go crazy. 

“I am a big fan of the pony,'' says Michael. “It’s easy to style – you can choose between textured and sleek looks. Wearing it high can be playful, whereas low can be super chic”. 

Whether you opt for the perky, fun high pony or the elegant low pony, either look can be elevated using a cute hair scarf or clips added. This is one of the most stylish ways to show off your personality through your hairstyle so don’t hold back!

Styling from Michael on how to do a classic ponytail look: 

  • There are two things that I always need when styling a ponytail: VS Sassoon’s Frizz Defense Straightening Brush and a can of dry texture spray! The Frizz Defense Straightening Brush tames frizz and seriously smoothes hair, making it the perfect tool for creating super smooth and sleek ponies, yet keeping a bit of body
  • To create volume, use this tool in the opposite direction of hair flow to create more volume. This is great if you have a textured look during the day but then want sleek and chic for night.
  • For a textured look, start by brushing the Frizz Defense Straightening Brush through hair to de-frizz. Spray dry texture spray through hair (not just on top) and with fingers, sweep back into either a high or low pony. This will give body and texture to your hair
  • For a modern approach, leave out 2-3cms of hair from top middle part. This will help frame the face and add texture

Interested in other ways to style this look? Check out the wrap ponytail tutorial on our blog. 



5. Butter Blonde



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Similar to a strand of pearls, red lipstick and Coco Chanel’s LBD (little black dress), butter blonde is more of a classic than a trend. This boho look is easy to maintain and has been worn famously by many of Hollywood’s elite. 

When thinking butter blonde, think Margot Robbie. Rather than colouring the whole head, your hairdresser will only colour strands of hair. This is a blessing for those wanting to do the least damage when colouring their hair.

Mastered the butter blonde and looking for summer styling inspiration? Check out our fav celeb styles here. 

6. Wispy Bangs



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In 2019 we saw the rise in popularity of all types of bangs, in the new year we will see the rise of wispy bangs. Wispy bangs are the perfect intro to full-on bangs, allowing you to flaunt a square shape which is both fun yet easy to control. You’ll love the versatility of the look, as it’s a cut that allows for a tonne of personalisation and experimentation. This 2020 trend is far easier to maintain than traditional bangs and is a great way to decide whether you want to go all the way!  

Styling tips for wispy bangsfrom Michael: 

  • To achieve this look, you need a dryer that makes hair frizz free, smooth & conditioned. The superior tool for this look is the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hairdryer, which boosts shine and eliminates frizz, plus its perfect for colour treated hair
  • When styling you’ll need to decide whether you want your fringe to be fluffed up or flat and square 
  • If opting to fluff, use a large round brush to fluff up your wispy bangs while blow-drying the hair 
  • If you’re after a flat and square look, use a small round brush to blow dry it. This is more of a high-impact statement look.



7. Volume



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Sometimes more is more! “Who doesn’t love old-school volume?”,says Michael. “While the new decade will see girls everywhere in pursuit of big, beautiful hair, the fact remains that getting voluminous hair can be difficult for many of us”. Luckily, we have Michael Brown here to help! 
Styling tips from Michael: 

  • Start with your hair washing routine – ideally you should be using volumizing shampoo and conditioner. The best way to achieve old-school volume is through styling your hair using a large round brush and the VS Sassoon Frizz Defense AC Salon Dryer.
  • When creating volume with a dryer & round brush, it’s important to dry hair sections upwards and then out - not just a downward action. The more opposite and upwards from the roots of hair that you start drying, the more volume the hair will have
  • For extra voluptuous volume, use the VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum for body and waves. Choose the sophisticated curl setting (yes, there are three curl settings to choose from!) and start the curls at ear height
  • Finish off the look by brushing out curls with a paddle brush to achieve wavy volume



8. The Money Piece



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Craving a seasonal update but hesitant to commit to regular salon visits and maintenance? The ‘money piece’ is your perfect solution and a 2020 trend according to not only Michael but Harper’s Bazaar, Popsugar, Refinery29 and all over our Instagram feeds!  This trend sees the framing locks of hair around your face subtly highlighted in a balayage fashion, making your features ‘pop’.

Beyoncé debuted the trend this year, and it has grown dramatically in popularity over recent months – which is no surprise! A fan of the trend, Michael says, “This trend frames the face beautifully. Lighter blonde hair picks up light differently than brunette does, so a wave in light hair shows up beautifully”.

Styling from Michael on how to get the ‘money piece’: 

  • It’s a great idea to add a nice curl/wave to the front section of your ‘money piece’, which adds to the face-framing effect
  • The VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum is your perfect partner for this… With 3 different curl settings, you can customise your lighter face frame to your deeper back and sides
  • Use a tighter curl setting at front of hairline for more face framing & movement and a more relaxed curl for back and sides


9. Fabric Fun



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Hair accessories have taken over our feeds this year but expect fabric and creative ways to use it be the next big thing! For some guidance and inspo on this funky trend check out the incredible styles in Maki Oh’s 2020 runway show, where some seriously artistic looks were on display. We’re loving the super-long braids intertwined with bold fabrics and can see this look making a massive entrance at the various Summer festivals. 

Styling tips from Michael: 

  • To ensure this look is as powerful as possible, blow dry hair using VS Sassoon's Digital Sensor Hairdryer to eliminate frizz and boost shine
  • When styling this look, start by using a bobby pin to secure the fabric to the base of your ponytail
  • This will anchor the fabric, so now you can intertwine it as you please without it coming loose
  • Finish the look with a non-flaky gel, brushing over lightly to tame flyaways and achieve a sleek, powerful finish.


10. Wet Look 2020



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We’ve all seen the wet look making its way round the carpets and formal events, including the glamorous Kim Kardashian rocking this style, but have you noticed that those rocking the trend most often have straight to wavy hair? Recently, those with curly hair have been trying out the look and we’ve got to say, they’re killing it. The wet look is completely elevated on textured hair, and has a softer, less harsh finish than the straight style has. 

When styling, the key to perfecting the trend is to add large amounts of curl defining products to weigh your hair down, which is then dried in place to maintain the ‘wet and wavy’ look. Rather than using a comb, let your fingers do the work.

“This trend can be fiddly and time consuming when trying to keep these textured wet look waves in place, but there is a trick to help set the wet look in place”,says Michael. 

Expert styling tips from Michael to create the wet look: 

  • Add curl defining product (more than usual) to achieve a wet effect and manipulate hair into a wave style that suits your hair type
  • Next, use the VS Sassoon Frizz Defense AC Salon Dryer (on the lowest setting) with the diffuser attachment. Gently run over hair to set in place. The benefit of using a diffuser is that it can dry larger surface areas at a time and won’t blast away your curls
  • Once hair is set and in place, spray a shine spray or extra curl defining spray to achieve a wet shine. Voila! 

We’ve also created a wet hair how to tutorial using a straightener, check it out!

11. Soft Waves



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Romantically waved hair will never go out of style, which is great for girls with medium to long hair. This timeless and seemingly effortless style has been popping up on a variety of recent runways, and we know this glamorous look will be a favourite 2020 hairstyle.  

Styling tips from Michael: 

  • Comb through hair and part as you like (a side part will elevate the look, a middle part is more classic) 
  • Use the VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum on the pre-set ‘Natural’ setting to create elegant, loose waves
  • The automatic curling system will draw the hair section into the ceramic curl chamber and hold the hair for 8 seconds – when you hear the beep, simply release!
  • Wait until hair is cool before brushing out the curls, and then use a paddle brush to create smooth, soft waves


12. Super Sleek



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Forever sophisticated, this trusty straight and sleek style was guaranteed to stay on trend for another year. Perfect for date night or formal occasions, poker-straight hair will ‘up’ your look instantly. Pair with a sharp centre part and you’re set to go! 

To style this look, use the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Straightener. This little beauty has a heat protect mode which adjusts the temperature based on the amount of moisture in your hair, meaning far less damage! After you’ve finished straightening your hair, tame any sneaky flyaways by brushing them down gently with an old toothbrush you’ve sprayed with hairspray. Thank us later! 


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