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11 June 2019

11 Ponytail Hairstyles That Slay

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There’s no better way to slay than to scrape your hair off your face into a high pony and handle things as Beyonce would say “I slay, okay, all day, okay.” The humble ponytail is often overlooked as something just to be worn for the gym, however our guide will show you how to incorporate easy ponytail styles for medium hair, long hair or short into your everyday. 


1. Ponytail styles for Curly Hair



If you're looking for a stand out ponytail, never underestimate the power of a little curl. For this look, backcomb hair at the roots underneath the top layers, then secure into a ponytail, either half up or all the way up. To look as extra as Cardi B pictured, add some wave to your ends with the Big Hair Soft Curls styler then brush out until you have the desired finish. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, but still want to get the sophisticated look of this curly ponytail, check out these expert tips on how to get the perfect curls


2. Ponytail with Braids



This look is perfect for that sport luxe look, just blow dry your hair so it has some volume with the Digital Sensor Dryer, then secure into a pony height of your choice. Section your ponytail into as many small sections as you can, then individually braid or plait each section to get this must-try, stylish look. It is time consuming but once done can be left for a few days. 


3. Ponytail Hair Styles for Long Hair



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For a modern, fresh look on long hair, go for a low pony, with hair wrapped around the hair band to finish. Work with your locks natural texture by roughly air drying it with the 5Q High Performance Brilliance Dryer first, so that the ponytail is slightly imperfect with a fashion edge. This hairstyle is also perfect for those busy people who have somewhere to be and no time to wash their hair. This hairstyle features in our 5 hairstyles that will hide dirty hair list. 


4. Easy Ponytails for Short Hair



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Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this trend. Just determine whether a high, mid or low pony will look best with your hair length, then brush into place. Leave some whispy pieces at the front and add movement and fun with the Straight & Curl Brilliance to get this stunning look. 


5. Ponytails for a Wedding



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A ponytail for a wedding you gasp? Yes! Dare to be different and wear a glammed-up pony for the most special day of your life. The key here is to blow dry your hair with the Super Power 2400 and a round brush for volume, then go over the ends of your hair with the 38mm Ceramic Curler for extra wave, backcomb with a tail comb for extra oomph where you need it. 


6. High Ponytail Hairstyles



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Aim for the sky with this pony style, it can be a really elegant look. Blow dry with the 5Q Brilliance High Performance Dryer then brush back into a high pony. Secure any loose hairs with bobby pins, dress with a ribbon and add hairspray to hold to get the ideal sophisticated look.

To dress the high ponytail down for a casual weekend look, you can pair it with a scrunchie to get this gorgeous, yet casual look.  


7. Messy Ponytails



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If you’re looking for a new idea for date night hair, the messy pony is super sexy but looks effortless. Curl hair with the Elegance Salon Curls styler, then brush into a high pony and mess up curls into waves with a comb and your fingers. Finish with a texturizing salt spray and a hair scarf or scrunchies to add that extra special touch to impress. 


8. Everyday Ponytails



The everyday ponytail is always on our speed dial of styles, perfect when you sleep through your alarm and have to rock up for a meeting with approximately five minutes to get ready. Blast hair upside down with the Super Power 2400 then brush straight back into a pony to get this chic look.


9. Slick Back, Casual Pony


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When you’re having a bad hair day or looking for a casual style, there’s nothing as forgiving as the slicked back ponytail. Perfect for the gym or coffee catch ups, opt for a mid-height pony and smooth all strands straight back. For professional results, start with straight tresses by using the Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush.


10. Side Ponytail 



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To turn every head in your direction look for a night out, you can’t go past the side ponytail. To achieve this sleek look, brush all the hair back from your face then use the Salon Curls styler over the ends of your hair. Complete with extra hold hairspray, a red lip and smokey eyes then slay the night away.


11. Glam Ponytail



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The glam ponytail is a sizzling style, which begins by straightening locks poker straight with the Digital Sensor Straightener. Secure into a super tight pony, then add a hair accessory to accentuate. For the style pictured, wrap the lengths of the hair with a piece of ribbon or leather strap and tie down the ends. 


Cheat tips

  • To avoid getting bumps in your ponytail, try and do the style on second day hair, brush and dry upside down for extra height and volume. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth and work with the hairs natural oils. 
  • To avoid damage when tying up, use either a soft hairband without metal like scrunchies, hair elastic or fabric covered tie. Don’t leave up tightly overnight as there will be extra pressure on your scalp as you lie down. 

Now you have all the tips and inspiration for the most stylish ponytail hairstyles for any occasion. Whether you’re going out, going to work or the gym, make sure you rock one of these gorgeous pomy styles to make sure you turn heads. 

For more hair tips, hair trends and easy-to-follow video tutorials head to our blog where you will find everything you need to know about hair! 

Love Your Style, from the VS Sassoon Team. x