The V Double is a modern take on the traditional clipper. An evolution in DIY self-cut hair clipping. Still not sure how to works? These FAQs should make it easy.

Who would use The V Double?

For Men with short hair + also men who want to cut their hair down from a longer length.

What type of cuts can be achieved using The V Double?

The V Double can be used for cutting, shaping, fading or an even closer all-over short-cut finish. You’ll find 3 handy tutorials for creating a Fade Cut, Undercut & Buzz Cut.

What’s so special about the dual blades?

The dual blades make it even easier to do a DIY hair cut, as the shape of the clipper + the dual blades follow the contours of the head, so it means the hair is being captured and cut twice. The blades are multi-directional, for an effortless self-cut.

How do you use The V Double?

Simply use The V Double in a backwards and forwards sweeping motion. You can then flip it over & use the edge of the blades to trim around the sideburns & back of the neck. The ear taper comb guide makes it easy to touch up around the ears.


Craft your sharpest look with The V Double.
The dual blade self-cut hair clipper for a
faded or short even cut.

Do it yourself.
cut with confidence.

A modern take on the traditional clipper for cutting, shaping & fading at different lengths or an all-over short-cut. Keep it long on top & faded on the sides or short all-over. You decide.
product demo
product demo

Precision cut

Innovative dual cutting blades for a faster, more effortless self-cut.

Powerful performance

Enhanced lithium-ion power for optimum performance.

Total control

Easy clipping, your way. Grades #1-4 comb guides + ear taper for crafting your sharpest look.
Step-by-step guide to achieve
a short even cut all over.
Step-by-step guide to achieve
an easy DIY fade cut.
Step-by-step guide to achieve
definition underneath.
*Than standard magnetic motor clippers


  • Innovative dual blades

    Innovative dual blades

    Easy to use dual cutting blades glide with the curves of the head for easy DIY hair cutting.
  • Innovative dual blades

    Lithium-ion power

    Lithium-ion battery provides enhanced power for long-lasting cordless use.
  • Innovative dual blades

    Diamond sharpened blades

    Self-sharpening stainless steel blades for a smooth, clean cut finish.
  • Innovative dual blades


    3hr charge = 60min cordless runtime + 30min quick charge = 15min cordless runtime.
  • Innovative dual blades

    Dc direct drive motor

    High performance motor with 6000rpm delivers 50% more power.*
  • Innovative dual blades

    3 year warranty

    Cut with confidence knowing we’ve got you covered.

Easy clipping, your way

Grades #1-4 comb guides (3mm to 13mm) for cutting, shaping & fading or an even closer short-cut.

Keep it neat & trimmed

Ear taper comb guide for finishing touches around the ears. Or flip The V Double over & use the blades for tidying edges.

Ergonomic design

Perfectly fits in the palm of your hand for an easy DIY hair cut.

TheVDouble vs TheCrewCut

VSforMen makes DIY hair cutting even easier. Now you can achieve a range of self-cut haircuts, for easy clipping, your way. So if The V Double isn't for you, The Crew Cut will sure cut to the chase.
For Men wih short hair + longer hair
  • Total control
    The dual blade self-cut clipper for a faded or short even cut.
  • Innovative dual blades
    Simple backwards & forwards sweeping motion for a faster, more effortless self-cut.
  • Keep it neat & trimmed
    Ear taper cutting comb guide for the finishing touches around the ears.
For Men with short hair (Pre-cut to grade #4)
  • Keep it short & trim
    The supreme self-cut clipper to maintain a short or crew cut look.
  • Rotary cutting action
    Advanced system cuts in any direction for smooth, fast easy cutting.
  • Define those edges
    Finishing trimmer included for tidying up around the ears, neckline & sideburns.
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